34 weeks

February 22, 2012

and not messing around
still not so impressive straight on . . .

front + center, with a lineup of drying onesies
yet the side view is getting slightly ridiculous.


this face means: “i have to grow for HOW many more weeks!?
of note, the toms wedges i’m wearing in this picture [fine, essentially every picture] have been the MVP of my maternity wardrobe. seriously! we’ve been blessed with a very mild winter in NC, and as a result these babies have served as my work shoes, play shoes, and need-to-run-to-the-grocery-store shoes. i wear them approximately 75% of the time — basically any time i’m not in boots. they have just enough cushion and give that the increased weight doesn’t seem to bother my feet, and it’s been wonderful not having to let go of my heels [what? i need those inches!!!].

anyway, so 34 weeks! here’s the rundown . . .

feeling: ehh. i’m functioning, but starting to get a little tired — sometimes a lot tired. to be completely honest, i’m having trouble focusing at work [the one exception is while seeing patients, because happily that’s enough of a distraction!]. i’ve been sleeping for longer at night because a) it’s a bit fragmented with bathroom trips / position changes and b) i feel like i’d better do it NOW since my sleeping in days are getting very numbered!

i am really lucky in that other than fatigue, i’m not having too many issues. frequent urination of course, but that’s normal. braxton-hicks contractions — but they’re normal, too! no real pain to speak of, despite feeling gigantic. if i sit too long sometimes i feel a little short of breath [like my lungs are squished] but changing position always helps.

however, with all of that physical angst, i’m mentally getting more and more excited for our baby to arrive!! it seems REAL now that i could theoretically have a baby and take her home without a NICU stay in just 1 week. and only 3 weeks until the magical ‘term’ designation. so much waiting . . . and yet we’re close to the end of the line. sometimes i can’t even believe it.

eating: more or less normally, although admittedly with more ice cream than pre-pregnancy. i’d love to say that i’ve had a ‘perfect’ diet throughout this 34 week journey, but nahh — i’d just call it decent! for the most part, i’ve just followed my instincts and desires, and i’m assuming that mother nature is probably pretty good at making sure i take in the right nutrients for our baby to grow and thrive.

workouts: yep, still running πŸ™‚ although i was basically a bump on a log for the last 2 days so i had better get to the gym after publishing this post so that i’m not making things up!

last week
just to clarify, my ‘runs’ consist of run/walk sessions on the treadmill. i generally have been doing 4 minutes of running at 5.5 miles/hour [~11 min miles] alternating with 2 minutes of walking to recover. once in a while, i’ll do a shorter workout of mostly running [ie, a mile run / few minutes walk / mile run].

sadly, i’m not doing much strength training anymore. recently, i’ve ended up VERY sore after just minor weightlifting/yoga, and i find that it really impacts my sleep and ability to get around. hopefully i’m keeping my muscles somewhat active just moving my [bigger] self around!

appointment stats
BP: 115/71. i’ll take it!

weight gain: up 19 lbs now — i’ve basically gained 1/2 lb per week over the past few months. slow + steady i guess! but i know this could change quickly if i start having any swelling [so far, i have pretty much none].

fundal height: measuring 35 cm at 34 weeks — still a little bit ahead. i think she is going to be big [my totally random prediction: she will arrive at 40 weeks + 6 days at 8 lbs 3 oz].

fetal heart rate: 140s – 150s. she was moving up a storm during the exam — and the OB pointed out that you could actually feel her practice breathing movements! so cool.

next visit: in 2 weeks at 36 weeks — then i start going weekly. i get the group B strep screen next time — lovely.

still on the to-do list:
βœ” carseat installation
βœ” breast pump setup [although this could technically wait, i’ve heard it’s better to get out of the way now!]
βœ” nursery organization [all the major furniture items are now there, but we need some sort of system for containing all of the STUFF!] — including washing clothes and putting things on hangers/in drawers
βœ” buying a few loose ends [lanolin cream, for example!]
βœ” thank you notes
βœ” stocking the freezer with a few things [hopefully!]

orla + uniqlo!
my beloved orla kiely is pairing with uniqlo! the sad part? the only US uniqlo is in NYC, and there’s no online ordering.

i’ll just admire from afar, then. this t-shirt is $19.90
[and awesome].