cause/effect: laziness edition

February 10, 2012

does sloth beget sloth?
yesterday was probably the laziest work day i’ve had in a long time. and i’m not just talking about my actions; even as i performed my fairly minimal obligations, my attitude was similarly sluggish.

this guy knows what i’m talking about. [source]
here’s a walk-through:

6:30: get up [i slept in]

6:45: sit at the computer with breakfast and a severe case of writer’s block. aimlessly wander amazon’s baby section while feeling overwhelmed, and finally decide to write asking for your advice [this was the best thing i did all day! thank you SO much — your responses were much appreciated and are extremely helpful]

7:30: have internal debate about whether to work out and finally decide not to. very slowly start getting showered + ready for work.

8:45: leave for work

9:15: arrive in the lab. halfheartedly get some stuff done.

12:30: eat lunch, pack up and then head to duke for 3 hour science writing course i am taking

2:00: daydream, play with phone, and basically do everything other than actively engaging in the lecture

5:00: drive home

5:30: land on couch; watch modern familiy

6:30: heat up leftover pizza for dinner; return to couch. watch glee

7:30: grab some mint chocolate chip ice cream; return to couch. watch chopped. notice that there are dirty dishes all over the place, but fail to take any appropriate action

9:00: sleep.

which came first?
if what i truly needed was to just lie around in an apathetic stupor, i should have felt fantastic by the day’s end. instead, i found myself feeling worse and worse as the day moved on. while i’m all for taking it easier, i think there is a happy medium to be found: SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

happier pup enjoying some playtime [source]
i want to rest and play without disengaging in life.

i want to find that happy medium and enjoy the next ~8 weeks of pregnancy.

i want to feel better than i did yesterday!

and with that
i’m off to the gym. happy friday!

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