taking it easier

February 8, 2012

lowering the bar
i’m still 8 weeks from my due date, but it’s already starting: my previous standards and ideals are fading fast. despite my chipper tone in yesterday’s post, i am definitely tired these days. the good news is that i am gradually getting to accept some changes in my lifestyle. it is what it is — and i’m going with the flow.

i’m sleeping later. no more 5 am wake-up calls — i am trying to get at least 8 hours/night, and often a little more. unfortunately, my sleep isn’t that great so i’m still waking up tired at times, but it’s better than nothing. on monday, i fell asleep [in bouts] for at least 30 minutes during an afternoon conference, despite desperate attempts not to do so. i am forgiving myself for that, too.

i’m cooking less. i am planning ~2-3 ‘real’ meals/week with the rest leftovers or quick/easy fare. i got home last night at 6:30 and was not super-excited about whipping up this eggplant/rice dish, but it was easier to do knowing that it was one of only a few nights that week i would have to buckle down and do it.

brown rice with tomato, peppers, and mozzarella-topped eggplant from the march 2012 clean eating
my workouts are short + sweet. it has taken me years to learn that you really can get in a reasonable workout in 30 minutes.

clearly, my run/walks aren’t going to get me into racing shape, but when it comes to exercising for health and energy, quick sessions get the job done.

i’m spending a little more $ on certain things. as i mentioned previously, i am in the process of setting up a cleaning service for our apartment — perhaps as a temporary measure, but i think it may be something we keep as i go back to work [i don’t really want to spend my precious time at home with our baby cleaning toilets!]. i also just set up a massage for this weekend [100% necessary given the recent events — plus i had a groupon!]. i will be happy to sacrifice things like trips and eating out in the future to make up the difference. [i will be less happy to sacrifice shopping, but it’s definitely going to be more minimal for the next year or so after baby].

i’m not planning anything big. meaning: i’m not focusing on spanish or doing extra work right now — and i am avoiding taking on any major new projects. i feel pretty content spending time at home on weekends [when i’m off], getting through lists like this one. sure, we will be organizing the nursery [ie, bringing josh’s desk out to our main room] but there is no time-consuming decorating plan. i’d rather have the time to just hang out, rest, and keep things functional.

i’m not sure that everyone would want to celebrate the loss of their previous standards, but i am happy with the more laissez-faire approach. because everything will change in 8 weeks or so, anyway! and then, when i’m headed back to work with a 12-week-old in tow [gasp], i am sure my priorities are going to shift dramatically again. might as well get used to it . . .

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