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February 17, 2012

speaking of running out of time . . .
confession: my morning routine sucks lately.

i am spending too much time doing . . . i don’t even know what! i’m having trouble writing some of my posts — in part, because my brain = mush and all i can think of is the baby [never mind that she’s not even born yet]. i’m fighting major inertia just getting out the door sometimes. i’m not unhappy [at all!!!], but i’m dealing with limited energy stores compared to what i was used to. and as a result, i’m not getting the most out of my days.

i am struggling with what this blog will become in just a few short weeks, too. i know that my time will be so much more limited — but at the same time, i know i will have so much to say! and i have learned through the years that writing is a wonderful outlet for me: it is cathartic, creative, self-actualizing, and [usually] really fun.

i have every intention to keep posting here
but i think i need to scale back a bit . . . starting now, even pre-baby. if there is a day that words just aren’t flowing, i don’t want to force them. i don’t want to use up precious time and energy just putting something up just because i’m ‘supposed’ to.

so this is a note in part to say don’t worry if i go MIA for a little while now and then, or if i start posting 3-4 times/week instead of the ‘normal’ 7. it just means i’ll be back with [hopefully] more substance to offer.

as always, thank you all for reading! ♥

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