another saturday

March 24, 2012

off to the hospital
don’t get too excited. remember: i work there! unfortunately, my little plea yesterday went unanswered — but i concede it’s certainly for the best if baby girl isn’t ready yet.

after a fitful night of sleep, my only plans today are to:

✔ work out [elliptical] soon after writing this post so that hopefully i can feel more awake
✔ go to work + survive
✔ look online for some shelving for the nursery [target? IKEA?]
✔ sort the recycling

other than those things, i plan to read murakami, read more of healthy sleep habits, and answer pages — from the comfort of the couch. and i plan to NAP. i still feel very good overall but decent sleep has become a thing of the past — and i can imagine it will likely remain that way for a very long time! last night i was up for what felt like 10 bathroom trips, 80 position changes, and 12 beeps/rings [while my pager actually remained silent for once, josh‘s kept going off!!]. finally, i woke up with an odd combination of heartburn/hunger/nausea at about 4:15 and that was that.

it’s supposed to storm today, so i am looking forward to a deliciously cozy session under the covers with this afternoon. hopefully the patients will allow it!

real simple dinner #3
i often forget about it, but when it comes to easy and simple recipes, real simple mag is a great place to turn.

last night’s tofu and vegetable curry with rice was no exception. there was nothing earthshattering about this meal, but it was extremely easy. and bonus: we have lunch [or lunches?] now already made for this working weekend.

i know i haven’t been posting these, but as i get farther along i am really happy with what i’ve been able to keep doing! yesterday at 38.5 weeks –> 3.5 miles — intervals of 4 minutes at 11:19/mi (5.3 mph) and 2 minute walk breaks (3.5 mph); the last ~8 minutes just running. total time = 43:44.

my comfortable runs are part of what leads me to believe that this baby’s arrival is a long way off. for whatever reason, i foresee sort of a wind-down period where i start to feel WORSE overall. i just can’t imagine happily trotting along one morning and then suddenly finding myself in labor that night! [but if that did turn out to be the case, it would be awesome.]

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