March 17, 2012

✰ josh is WALKING! still with a significant limp [and he sometimes requires one crutch for stability] but seriously: such a fantastic development.

✰ he’s also doing the 100 pushups program. i can still do one pushup — but it’s not easy. but maybe i’ll have to restart the program after delivery [and subsequent recovery, of course].

✰ the duke game did not go well last night.

✰ but the pizzas k + dr s made helped make the night an enjoyable one nonetheless.

apple / prosciutto / brie; in background short rib / potato / bleu cheese
✰ when you’re really close to an OB [dr s is a maternal fetal medicine medicine fellow] it’s okay to discuss membrane stripping during halftime.

✰ i slept 10 hours last night for perhaps the last time ever [interrupted by only 10 or so bathroom breaks]. although i’m going to try my hardest to do it again tomorrow.

happy saturday!

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