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March 22, 2012

future wardrobe
when i wrote a post on what will stay / what will go [or really, my visions of these things!] i meant to include one more item in the stay category:

a decent wardrobe + clothes that make me feel good.

oddly i now forget what it was like to dress my non-pregnant self . . .
i came upon emily‘s post this morning on dressing herself as a new[ish] mom, and loved reading about her experiences. at the same time, her piece motivated me to be at least somewhat proactive on this front! while i am fine with living in yoga gear at home for the first few weeks, i don’t want to completely give up this aspect of who i am [or was, since my maternity wardrobe is functional but just not all that much FUN.]

i’m not a true fashionista — my little sister puts me to shame in that realm with her colorful designer pieces and huge accessory collection. but i do [did?] have some sort of my own style, and i actually like going to work or out to social events looking at least somewhat put-together sometimes.

my mother claims that she was back in her [tiny] pre-maternity gear in 2 weeks — after gaining 26-27 lbs with each of us. i have no such expectations. even if i do bounce back relatively quickly, i know i’ll be left with the huge [literally and figuratively . . .ha] challenge of finding things that fit and even flatter my new [and importantly, functional!] chest.

so obviously, i’m not going to start shopping for quite some time, and who knows when i’ll actually have time to get out to actual stores post-baby? however, when i DO come upon a window of opportunity, i plan on treating myself to a few new mom outfits that hopefully don’t scream . . . new mom.

and while i’m waiting, it doesn’t hurt to look around just a little bit. you know, for inspiration. i’ve actually never bought anything from madewell but i randomly got their catalogue in the mail and liked the j. crew-meets-anthro [with a splash of american apparel?] aesthetic.

i feel like this stucco striped songbird dress shouts spring. $138
i’m not sure i love the new-mom hair, but i do like her puzzlepiece stripe tee, $45
these garment-dyed midi shorts look like something from the mid-90s . . . and i still love them
not so practical. but at least you can throw them in the wash! skinny ankle colorpop jeans, $88
these are screaming ‘mom shoes’, aren’t they? holepunch sandal, $168
admittedly, many compromises will have to be made in this realm — and i realize i will be spending a great deal of time in nursing tanks + whatever stretchy bottoms i can scrounge up. but i refuse to give up completely!

[and if i wind up laughing at this post 3 months from now, that’s okay too. anything to keep me occupied and moving forward over these next couple of weeks!]

was straight out of real simple:

rosemary chicken with white beans + arugula
josh and i both really liked this super-easy and healthy dinner. i added raisins [thought it needed a touch of sweetness] and omitted the raw red onions because neither of us are fans. i would definitely make this again! dried cranberries or apricots instead of raisins and maybe some goat cheese would be fun additions.

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