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March 19, 2012

appreciating now
this weekend was just . . . lovely.

given the gorgeous weather, it probably would have been an ideal beach weekend had i not been pushing 38 weeks gestation. honestly, i considered a day trip but decided the 2 hour drive might not be so convenient if things were to happen semi-unexpectedly!

the last time we went was approximately 9 months ago . . . i had no idea what was about to happen!
instead, we stayed put and i REALLY took it easy. after all, i’m on call next weekend — so there’s a pretty decent chance this past 2-day period was my last chance [ever!?] to sleep in, relax, and just enjoy life at a slow pace.

after sleeping 10 hours on saturday, i spent the day doing . . . well, not much! i think it was noon before i headed to the gym for a workout . . .

yes, it is still comfortable to do some form of running in this state!
3.5 miles in 43 minutes on the treadmill. i still break it up into intervals: 4 minutes running [~5.5 miles/hour] and 2 minutes walking recovery between each. at the end i’ll typically finish off with a longer running stretch — a whopping 7 minutes or so.

afterwards, we headed out to a matinée showing of friends with kids. the reviews had been patchy, but it seemed appropriate for us in our current situation. [funny story: we had actually tried to go see this a week prior, but they sold out RIGHT as we were next in line for tickets! the carolina theatre employee felt so bad for us as we slowly retreated down the stairs — i think the crutches / bump combo helped — that we got free vouchers!].

neither of us thought it was a masterpiece, but the cast was good and the timing right, since this movie focuses on the changes that occur between couples — and to life — once babies enter the picture.

we then headed out to l’uva enoteca in durham, with our own friends with [one] kid. j and d are a beautiful model of how to do things RIGHT — they make it look easy!

dining al fresco in the tobacco district . . . in march.
if possible, i think sunday was even slower! josh was on call and i ended up waking early sort of by accident, but had a productive morning doing laundry and finishing up thank you notes [certainly a gratitude-inducing activity!]. i got in another quick workout, after which i was swept with a wave of fatigue that reminded me of that post-20-mile run feeling — except that it was caused by a mere 30 minutes on the elliptical.

however, there was no reason NOT to take a nap, so that happened. and somehow, the day slipped away. josh finished up with work and we went to whole foods to get dinner and grocery shop.

SO glad he can help me carry grocery bags again!!

the weekend ended with some of this:

current favorite
plus an episode of chopped and several chapters of 1Q84 [i forgot about it for a while but have picked it back up — i’m in the last section].

this weekend certainly wasn’t exciting, but it was easy and restful and perhaps the last of its kind. i’m on call next weekend [seriously not excited about that] so the next possible time off will be right before my due date at 40 weeks — and i think josh is supposed to work!

off to get some work done and then to an OB appointment later today. i think i’m in a better state of mind waiting-wise — things will happen when they happen, and i really will enjoy the time in between.

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