wrapping it up

March 5, 2012

weekend recovery
honestly, what i need now is a day or two off to recover from my weekend! call was fairly busy yesterday and i was so relieved to hand off the pager this morning after two weekends ON in a row.

since i can’t fast forward to get to precious weekend status any faster, i am determined to embrace a [hopefully] decent and fairly calm work week.

things to look forward to this week
✔ OB appointment this AM! [yeah, i still get oddly excited over these.]

✔ NOT being on the pager at night

✔ lots of time to work on my long work to-do list [presentations, etc] — should be pretty relaxed

✔ a visit from siobhan!! it is our tradition to hang out when one of us is extremely pregnant.

nearly THREE years ago in CA! looking great at 38+ weeks
✔ a pedicure. this falls into the category of ‘things i can no longer do myself.’ heh.

southern comfort
k and dr s came over last night for some old fashioned southern comfort food — shrimp & grits. i actually REALLY love entertaining at home while on call! it distracts me and makes me happy, but i can still stop to answer pages as they come in.

i made crook’s corner shimp & grits, a roasted beet & goat cheese salad [fine, not so southern], and BANANA PUDDING

at josh’s request. apparently i was too excited about the pudding to take a picture — but i promise, it was awesome.

happy monday — really!

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