40 weeks!!

April 3, 2012

the last update?!
who knows, at this point — i may end up writing up a real last hurrah at 41. but just maybe this will be it! i’m happy to have created a little collection of every-other-week posts — i know it will be fun for me to look back on someday [full listing here].

so again, i apologize if you’re sick of this preggo-vortex. not to worry, it will become a baby vortex soon enough! [and i promise i’ll at least try to keep it interesting.]

in fact, i can now state with confidence that there WILL be an end to this seemingly endless quest for a baby. i really hope i won’t end up needing it, but there is now an induction date on my calendar for a little over 41 weeks.

if i labor for 28 hours or more, our little one will be born on friday the 13th — eek.
[and if i labor for 28 hours or more, it won’t be very much fun.]

so hopefully she will choose to emerge before the pitocin-eviction — everyone will be happy!

here i am
in all of my 40 week glory:

as i’ve mentioned previously, my TOMS platforms are my personal pregnancy heroes. hooray for heels at the end!
i’m still feeling pretty good, although i’ve had some more tired/off days recently. there are no clear signs of labor, but i have had a few more contractions than usual lately [i still don’t think they’re ‘real’ though — they don’t hurt enough!]. every once in a while i’ll get one that does hurt — and i’ve never been so happy to feel pain!

physically, life is still fairly good. i’m still running* — i had a great 3.6 miles on sunday, and i’m planning to go this AM. i do have some insomnia and some intermittent hip pain, but it’s nothing miserable. mentally, i’m SO ready to get the show on the road and finally meet our BABY! josh is too, which i appreciate. it would totally be like him to be all practical and level-headed and not in any rush about it, but i think he wants me to go into labor as badly as i want to be in it. he perks up every time i say i’m contracting: “is that a real one!?!?” and it’s very cute and encouraging.

* albeit at 5.3 miles per hour with walk breaks!!

the [last?] stats
BP: 110/77

weight gain: somehow i ended up down a lb from last week, bringing my weight gain total to 19 lbs. i find this mind-boggling as i’ve been eating my way through haagen dazs containers at a record rate [in addition to 3 meals + 2 snacks/day]. as you can see above i have exactly NO swelling, which i think is what often adds weight in the end for others. hopefully our baby has just gotten all she needs from me, and i’m not going to stress too much. [i am, however, going to continue the ice cream routine. it is pretty enjoyable and definitely can’t hurt!]

fetal heart rate: nice and reactive. she pushed up against the probe and had a nice acceleration, which pleased the OB. i’m glad that she’s happy in there . . . but hopefully not happy enough to stay another whole week.

cervix: 1-2 cm, still 50% effaced. and apparently the baby’s head position is not very far down [the OB sounded a little discouraged about this]. i had my membranes stripped, but i’m not sure it did anything. this did hurt a bit, but not terribly.

next visit: in 1 week [monday] — i will be a week overdue if i make it to that point, so they’ll plan on doing some fetal monitoring via a nonstress test.

THE END: could come at any time, but i’m happy to have the outer limit of the induction scheduled 4/11!

still on the to-do list
nothing essential! the car seat has been in for weeks. breast pump is ready. room is functional [though i am going to have family help with some shelving after the baby arrives]. hospital bag is packed. basically, all we need is some LABOR!

i’m finishing up a poster for work [if i don’t do it now, i’ll be doing it on my leave . . .] but otherwise things are pretty wrapped in that realm, too.

easy dinner
i’m sure i’ll eat my words in a few weeks, but it’s meals like this that give me hope that i’ll be able to cook even when our baby girl is in the picture:

sautéed chicken breasts with creamy chive sauce
i think this took 20 minutes tops, and turned out really well! for me, getting decent food on the table has always been all about the ability to plan ahead, and since i’ll be sending josh to the store i don’t think it will be unmanageable to keep the fridge relatively stocked. [you all have my permission to laugh at me if we end up eating takeout and frozen pizza 6 nights a week in a month.]