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April 30, 2012
2:  hours annabel slept yesterday in this wrap.  after several failed attempts at putting her down in her bassinet, babywearing wound up being the magic bullet.  the only problem is that i haven’t mastered putting it on so that it supports her head enough to actually go hands-free!

5:  number of humans currently residing in our [rather crowded] apartment.  my parents have been here since wednesday and have been incredibly good sports about the cramped conditions.  actually, i’m pretty sure they’re too distracted to notice . . .

0:  dinners that i’ve had to prep since they’ve arrived.  it’s been nice!

2:  oz that i pumped this morning after annabel ate.  sadly, that’s a record for me!  but we’re gradually starting to build up a stock.

5:  approximate number of meals that i am requiring daily right now.

100?:  oz of water/day that i’m drinking.  but i actually think i should probably get even more . . .

6:  HOURS IN A ROW she slept last night!!!!  i looked at my phone at 4:30 in the AM and was absolutely astounded.  definitely the longest sleep stretch i’ve had in months [because in pregnancy i always had to get up to go to the bathroom!]

4:  successful runs so far [1 outside, 3 on the treadmill].  i’m feeling really good and already starting to see [very minor] improvements in endurance.

today:  3 x 10 minutes @ 10:31/mi on the treadmill; 3 minute walk breaks between each

i’ve never run so slowly in my life — and i’ve never really cared less about my pace, either.  i’m just happy to be able to do it!

plans for the day [other than feed / dote on babybel]
✔ work out [@ home]
✔ figure out baby + me yoga [going on monday!  exciting!!]
✔ sign up for infant massage class [this weds + friday]
✔ pay bills
❑ figure out how i can get my hair straightened!!
❑ shower
❑ walk outside w/ a [and my parents]
❑ scan documents for josh
❑ pump [2 down, 2 to go . . .]

seriously, i don’t think life will ever be this simple again.  off to enjoy it!

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