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April 22, 2012

i am currently obsessed with the baby connect app i mentioned yesterday.

blue = sleep; purple = feed
pictorial evidence that [as of now . . .] baby annabel does enjoy sleeping at her current stage — and yes i realize that we are lucky!  but it’s all subject to change, of course.   she may be a completely different baby at the 4 week mark — or at 4 months.

 i think looking at her patterns like this is so interesting! it will be fascinating to see how things evolve as [maybe?] nighttime sleep shifts get longer and daytime alertness increases.

not sure which one of us has more fun putting the playmat to good use.

i love ‘series’ pictures like these! they remind me of great ‘live action’ shots circa 1981 or so of yours truly doing summersaults off of the couch. i’m already starting to collect images for her first photo book — thinking of doing a birth –> 1 month edition [including pregnancy/ultrasound pix, her birth story, etc] and then yearly after that.


farmer’s market strawberries = fantastic

got to eat my usual while annabel finished off her last morning dream sequence!

of note, i think i’ve finally started to feel the infamous breastfeeding hunger. it took a while to kick in, but i’ve basically turned into the snack monster over the past 2 days. i’m definitely going to have to make sure i always have something healthy to grab easily.

★ outing
our morning walk isn’t looking quite as pleasant today, although it does seem like things are lightening up a bit outside.  i feel like i have to do SOMETHING to get out of the house every day, though!  if josh gets  home from work during the day today i may attempt an easy elliptical workout at our apartment gym [nap-permitting].  
it seems like there are a lot of different opinions regarding the timing/safety of postpartum workouts.  i have to say i wish my OB had given me specific guidelines one way or the other [she really didn’t say anything – and she did know i was running before].  at this point [2.5 weeks out] i’m doing fine on brisk walks with the stroller and feel ready to do a bit more*.  i think the key will be resuming GRADUALLY — with baby run intervals and not an all-out effort.  please share if you’ve had experiences — positive OR negative — with starting back postpartum!
* may have to wait on the shred, though.  i was SO sore the past 2 days it was unreal!

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