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April 17, 2012

re-embracing caffeine. ahh, i can’t decide! someone around here is a morning person . . .

and i have to admit i miss that AM lovely jolt. i gave up caffeine due to potential miscarriage risk [even though it’s actually been shown that coffee in moderation is safe, i just didn’t want to wonder “what if!?” in case i ever had a problem]. however, i don’t want annabel to have any sleep problems and similarly wonder if it’s my coffee doing it to her.

plus, it wasn’t that much fun to go through withdrawal during the earliest stages of pregnancy, and yes — it’s less than 2 weeks after delivery, and i’m very sure that i want to have more babies! so i’m leaning on no. but i’d welcome your thoughts/experiences!

a treadmill for our apartment

we’re 12 days out and i’m already itching to run. while i’m going to give things a little bit more time to heal, i’m already trying to figure out how i will reincorporate exercise into my life. for years, fitting in workouts — even during the busiest times — has helped me to feel more energetic, happy, and balanced. while i had to learn moderation over the past year or so, i still think that exercise has an important place in my life — and that i need to make it a priority.

it’s just not going to be the highest priority these days.

that spot has been taken.
but seriously, i think that fitting in activity will be doable and really is a good idea for me. and i think that having a treadmill in our apartment — while a little unconventional — will make this much easier. i’ll be able to take advantage of naptimes, and when josh goes back to working his crazy hours it will be possible for me to get a run in while annabel is still asleep in the mornings. it will also be great for when i am on call — i’ve always hated taking the pager to our apartment gym or bringing it along on an outdoor run.

i still plan on running with annabel outside, but the reality is that weather and her sleep schedule may not allow that to be something i can count on regularly.

so we’ll see! anyone have any recommendations for at-home treadmills? or does my idea sound crazy? of note, our apartment is a giant renovated warehouse and very solidly built, so i don’t see the pounding being an issue for downstairs neighbors. we’d also get a pad and do all possible sound dampening measures.

all right, off to catch up on laundry while this nap continues!

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