May 23, 2012


post #2000!  
who knew that when i started this blog that i’d be spending at least 6 solid weeks of my life [very conservative estimate] pouring my heart out over the internet?  that i’d be writing about everything from cooking projects to marathons to planners to infertility!?
not me.  
when i started this blog, i was 24.  josh was my boyfriend — not my fiancé nor my husband!  i plodded on the treadmill in 30 minute increments, just to stay in shape and had never raced even a 5K.  i had no idea what was in store career-wise, but planned on spending the next several years finishing a dual degree [which later became single — most definitely the right choice for me!].  
i don’t think i’d even heard of oral kiely or murakami, and i don’t think i could have even imagined what motherhood would be like.  
i was certainly a happy person and enjoyed life in those days, even though my 20s were not the wild-and-crazy years that they are for some [i think my only all-nighter was studying for anatomy.  and i don’t even think it was really all night].  but today, i think that that the days are just a little bit richer in part because of the slice of time i spend writing about them.
blogging over the past [nearly] 8 years has taught me a lot.  i’ve used writing to help me to make decisions, to see solutions i might not have found otherwise, and to provide a helpful perspective for my own life.  i’ve been privileged to make many real-life friends through this website and it’s even helped me reconnect with old ones.  i have received tough-love advice from you all about many things during the times that i’ve needed it most.  and finally, i think that writing in this format is totally fun.  i look forward to it every day.
i don’t know what shape things will take once i head back to work and have more to balance than ever before, but i hope that i will continue to post here [even if it isn’t with such ritualistic regularity!].  
thank you all for being a smart, kind, and interesting audience!  here’s to 2000 more . . .

workout:  4.41 mi in 45 minutes on the treadmill — 30 minutes @ 10:00/mi, then 6 strides [30 seconds @ 8:20-8:35/mi / 1 minute slow jog], then 6 minutes @ 10:00/mi
dinner:  takeout fake-out — gotta love those curry-sauces-in a jar!

chicken simmered in kerala curry sauce [from a jar], roasted cauliflower with garam masala, whole wheat naan
daily outing:  to pick up lunch @ parker + otis and to buy a work planner at morgan imports <– details on that at some point later 🙂

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