daily outing

May 22, 2012

i need more things on my calendar.
as i wrote in yesterday’s post, i have to admit i’m getting a little bit lonely in our apartment.  while our routine is relaxing, i often find myself starting to get a little stir-crazy, particularly in the afternoons.  josh will come home [usually late. . .] and ask what i’ve done all day, and . . . well, my answer is usually “not much.”  aside from cleanup, feedings, diaper changes, tummy time, my workout during morning naptime, a blog post, dinner prep and sometimes a walk — there’s just not much on our agenda.

[although as i write that, it doesn’t sound so bad!]

therefore, i am going to try to incorporate a daily outing into our routine.  annabel does well in her carseat and in the stroller, and there is no reason not to work on getting out of the house a bit more — after all, i’m never going to have this much time off again!  i would love your suggestions on some things to do, local or general.

AND ummmm, if you read this and live around here and ever want to hang out, i am game!

duke gardens
shopping of various types 🙂
local yogurt [anyone want to come? seriously, it wouldn’t be any fun alone. . . ]
mom & baby yoga [although sadly this interferes with a’s critical AM naptime]
???  would welcome your ideas!!

most of the ‘for kids’ activities are understandably for older children, but i’d love to meet some new moms in the area.  i’ve checked out meetup.com but most of the moms groups are either too far away or specify ‘stay-at-home-moms’.  i guess the working ones don’t have time for a group once work starts back up?  this saddens me a little because i think i’d love the support and sense of community even once things get busy.

all right, off to shower!  a. is having a very fitful nap — she appears to be asleep but keeps making sad little noises and frequent grunts . . .



workout – 30 minutes of jillian michaels no more trouble zones + ~3 mi walk

dinner – burgers!!  although admittedly this is actually an old picture and sadly last night’s meal did not include avocado.  ahh well!