day in the life: 5.9.12

May 10, 2012
2:22 am  the day began early — annabel was up + hungry.  not too shabby, since she fell asleep just after 9! i fed her and then pumped [ugh — so not fun at 3 in the morning, but it’s a necessity if i want to build up my frozen milk collection, which i do].  she fussed for a little while, but eventually settled back to sleep.  i ate a snack [never before have i had 3 am hunger like this!] and went back to bed.
[somewhere around 5 am –> josh is out the door for work.  i’m on my own . . .]
8 am  up for real!  feed #2, and afterwards she hung out while i ate breakfast.  i rocked her and talked to her while she sits there.  as usual, it was a very happy time for her!
we played until she showed signs of sleepiness — this happened at about 9 am.
9:00 am i rocked her, put her down, pumped again, and attempted to get a run in . . . [please ignore the crutches.  josh is fully mobile and i’m not sure why they are still there.]  
unfortunately, 2/3 of the way through my 10-minute intervals, someone was already awake . . and it seemed she was hungry.  uh oh.  not a great situation since i had just pumped but . . . we made do [feed #3].  one sweaty feeding session later, and i hopped up to finish the last 10 minutes of my workout while she watched happily.
11:00 am more playtime — and then our cleaners arrived!  [we’ve been having them come every other week ever since josh got injured and honestly i have no desire to ever stop.  i am so happy with this decision!].  i like to get out of the house so that we’re not in the way, plus i’d rather annabel not breathe in lots of cleaning fluids at once.  so, we headed out on a short walk.
12:00 pm we walked around a bit and then i did some browsing at parker & otis right down the street.  as usual, annabel eventually fell asleep in the stroller.  
back home, i attempted to eat lunch — but someone else was even hungrier.  feed #4 happened, and then
annabel was showing signs of fatigue again [made sense, since she went quite a long time awake with just a fitful stroller nap in the middle].   she ended up passing out for almost 3 hours!!
during that time, i was able to tackle some laundry, thank-you notes, a blog post, and some emails.  i ended up lounging around thumbing through my new cookbook, just waiting for her to wake up . . .
4:30 pm finally!!  i was starting to get a little worried.  feed #5, and then more playtime:

6 pm someone started getting a little crankier.  i started to wish josh would get home already!  i made several nap attempts, but none of them stuck.  what can i say — i ended up on the couch watching glee with a. in my arms, and i found solace in some cheese . . . the original babybel 🙂  feed #6 happened somewhere in here.

7:45 pm just after feed #7, josh came home [14 1/2 hours is actually a pretty good day for him.  yeah . . .].   as usual, he was excited to take over annabel duty for a little while.  i prepped an easy dinner while these two played.
since she still wasn’t showing any signs of sleepiness, we took turns eating while the other one held nd soothed annabel [she was getting fussy].

we watched mad men while she played on our laps.

9:30 pm hunger strikes again for annabel.  when josh is home, she gets a pumped bottle so that we can ensure she is okay with receiving milk on her own — a necessity since she will be going to daycare in just 7 weeks [arggghghghgh].  for feed #8, she took about 4 oz — a new high for her.  i just hope supply can keep up with demand, but so far i think we’re doing okay.

10:00 pm josh passed out, i pumped and attempted to put annabel to bed.  it took several tries but eventually happened, at about 10:45 pm.  
so there you have it – just another average day with a 5-week old!  it will be so interesting [well, to me . . .] to see how things evolve with time, so i’ll plan on doing a similar post monthly.  off to take annabel on a lunch outing today — we’ll see how this goes!

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