lazy friday

May 25, 2012

i hereby declare
. . .that today will be a lazy friday.

no workouts.  no to-do lists.  no laundry!  no worrying about work or stressing about pump volume [or lack thereof].  i’ll probably cook dinner, but only something appropriately lazy.

our primary activity will be naps — in any way, shape or form, and as many as possible.  there will also be snuggles.  smiles.  songs.  more snuggles.  and a fun lunch out with a friend.

i’ll have plenty of time to push myself later, but not too many of these lazy fridays left.  i need to enjoy this time while i can!
josh is off!
this weekend!  for 3 days!  i’ve basically been a single parent [well, a nonworking single parent . . .] this week so i am EXCITED.
5.23.2012 + 5.24.2012

5/23 — 3.9 miles, 40 minutes 
     10 minutes at 10:00/mi
     5 x 30 sec strides at 8:20 – 8:35/mi; 1 min slow jogs between each
     10 minutes at 9:50/mi
     5 x 30 sec strides at 8:20 – 8:35/mi; 1 min slow jogs between each
     5 minutes @ 9:40/mi — would have been 10 but someone woke up 🙂
5/24 — 30-day shred level 2, plus a 45-minute walk.  ugh i forgot about those squat-thrusts and plank jacks!  i’ve got a long way to go . . .
5/23 — improvised salad with farmer’s market goodies!  beets, oranges, snap peas, and toasted walnuts on a bed of romaine with an orange-honey vinaigrette.  served with a slice of my mom’s amazing walnut sourdough [mom, i would like to purchase a membership to bread-of-the-month-club . . .] + local chapel hill creamery cheese.

5/24 — leftover pizza from the freezer + boxed soup 🙂  dinner of [lazy] champions.

daily outing!
5/23 — mom + baby yoga at triangle yoga!!  this was less yoga and more new-mom-support-group, but it was still really nice.  annabel did need to feed in the middle of class [she eats like clockwork every 2 hours during the day], but i’m getting bolder about public breastfeeding and it was totally fine.

5/24 — lovely starbucks & shopping date [thank you heather for meeting me!!].  heather is mom to a 4-month old and had so much wisdom to impart!  and i inhaled a caramel frappuccino [decaf], bought a shirt at j. crew, and managed to fit the BOB into the anthro dressing room, so all was well.  [i also found out through heather that southpoint mall has nursing rooms!!  a dangerous discovery indeed . . .]

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