[material] things i’m loving now

May 29, 2012

our coffee maker
about a year ago, we received this lovely nespresso pixie machine as an apartment-warming gift from josh’s parents.  at the time, i wasn’t so sure we needed it . . .

fast-forward one month, and we were in love.  in part because i got pregnant and suddenly i was drinking decaf + josh caf, and also because these little pods are so freaking easy and insanely delicious.  i’m not a huge fan of keurig coffee, but in my opinion this is entirely different.

of note, i’m still just drinking decaf but remain psychologically addicted to the coffee experience/taste!

teeny tiny baby jeans
not so practical, but omgsocute.

our treadmill
seriously, this is my favorite purchase ever.  i only regret we didn’t get one sooner!  the only thing missing is a crystal ball that will tell me how long any given nap will last . . .

in all seriousness, i believe that having this will be key to being able to fit in regular running workouts once i head back to work!  which in turn will be key to me maintaining my sanity.  worth every penny and square foot of floor space.

new running shorts
post-partum i was not happy with the way my old nike tempos were fitting, and i splurged on a pair of these dash shorts from athleta.  they fit much better and are about 10 times more flattering, so now i just have to resist buying more, because honestly $49 for shorts is a little steep.  luckily, i do laundry every 5 minutes these days so one pair will suffice for now.

farmer’s market peaches = delicious!

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gapbody tees

as i’ve written previously, my wardrobe isn’t the most exciting right now, but i am impressed with the quality feel and drape of these pure body v-neck tees.  i have 2 and am thinking of expanding the collection — perfect layering pieces and great lab-wear for when i head back to work.  NOTE:  they run super-small [mine are size medium].  

mad men
why did it take me years to get into this show?!  i need to go back and catch up from season 1, but i’m enjoying the current episodes.

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other shows i am currently watching:  girls [even though i find it kind of disgusting, it’s like a train wreck and i can’t look away . . .], modern family, and a million old episodes of food network’s chopped.  that’s about it, now that grey’s anatomy and glee are off until next season.  admittedly, i’m impatiently awaiting the next season of the glee project!  can’t wait.

note – this is not a sponsored post — just the random material goods that have brought a little extra joy into my life lately πŸ™‚  



workout — jillian michaels’ no more trouble zones dvd.  i thought this was a great at-home strength/boot-camp-style workout, though it’s almost too long for me [almost an hour!].  my abs are sore today, so hopefully it will also prove to be effective πŸ™‚

dinner — after blogging our weekly menu i didn’t end up cooking last night!  we ate a super-late BBQ lunch which turned into dinner, sort of.  although i still ate a burrito and some ice cream later in the evening because i am basically a bottomless pit right now.