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May 28, 2012

thank you
for the lovely compliments yesterday! we had such a great time and i really felt like myself.  if i said i missed annabel during those 2.5 hours, i’d be lying — really it was a nice break!  but i was thrilled to be reunited with her when we got home.  a perfect date night.

and yes kara, those are my birthday wedges.  LOVE them!

sleep happens
during residency, you get really obsessive about sleep.  you start to wonder the same things over and over again — when is the next day off coming?  how long will i be able to sleep between pages on call?  how many hours do i have left to be awake?

to some extent, the same thing happens after the birth of a newborn — in some cases much more than others [like many other things, so much depends on the baby!].  i feel like i’ve given the impression that annabel sleeps all night long, and that is simply not true.  in fact, i’m starting to find myself getting jealous [and a little obsessive] when i read about how many consecutive hours other babies her age are sleeping.

blue = sleep; purple = feed [yellow = bottle]

that said, things really are just fine.  last night, we finally had a fairly successful bedtime routine [ie, she actually went to bed without a million false starts!] and she slept:

7:35p – 11:33p
11:54p – 3:22a
4:30a – 6:49a

not ‘through the night’, but those aren’t terribly wimpy little stretches, either.  and during the hour from 3:22a – 4:30a she was sort of half-sleeping and i was pumping anyway, so it didn’t really bother me.

current lingering question:  do i attempt a ‘dream-feed’ [ie, wake her just to feed] when i go to bed at 9:30 or 10p?  it seems like perhaps it would allow for a better uninterrupted stretch for me, but then again trading her natural sleep patterns for mine seems sort of backwards.  thoughts?

this week’s meal plan
just figured i’d share!  all from the june cooking light — though i haven’t been in love with this magazine as much lately, the june issue looks more promising

of note, i have completely outsourced our weekly grocery shopping — to josh.  so far it has worked fine, as even when he is working he typically is able to get out on the weekends on time for a quick trip to whole foods on the way home.  i don’t really miss it!

5K training
. . . to officially begin this week!  i am planning on doing a local race on 7/29 [both josh and i are off] — just to see where i am.  the plan will be a modified FIRST [furman institute] 3 runs/week plan – except

a) my runs will be shorter [longest run 1 hr, with most runs 30-40 minutes]
b) i am going to plan on 4 runs/week

here’s next week’s workouts — i just number them instead of planning by day to allow for some more flexibility.

i will continue to work the jillian michaels DVDs as XT — i actually feel like i’m getting some strength back already.

happy memorial day!
not just the unofficial start of summer [and the official opening of white-pants season] — an important day to honor those who have given so selflessly, and those who continue to serve.  thank you!


5.26 + 5.27

5.26 –> 4.4 mi, 45 minutes
     10 min @ 10:00/mi
     5 30-second strides at 8:20 – 8:35/mi with 1 minute slow jogs in between each
     10 min @ 9:50/mi
     5 30-second strides at 8:20 – 8:35/mi with 1 minute slow jogs in between each
     10 min @ 9:40/mi


5.27 –> 4.6 mi [?], 45 minutes — something like that [unplugged the safety cord at one point and lost track a little]
     30 minutes alternating songs between 10:00/mi and 9:30/mi
     6 30-second strides at 8:13/mi with 1 minute slow jogs in between each
     8 minutes at 9:30/mi

no cooking — our date night was saturday and last night we just cleaned out our stock of leftovers.

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