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May 1, 2012

i love may
there’s no contest:  if i had to pick a favorite month, may would win out in a heartbeat.  first of all, may weather is pretty sweet no matter where you are [as long as you don’t mind a little heat down south].

just ignore that lightning bolt on today’s forecast.  maybe it won’t happen . . .
in NC, we basically have summer weather without the sweltering heat that comes along june through august.  
secondly, on a more self-centered note, for me it’s a month filled with celebrations:
♥ my birthday [5/20]
♥ our anniversary [5/27]
and now i’ll finally get to experience my first . . .
♥ mother’s day [5/13]!!  as you might imagine, i had been looking forward to that for quite some time.   
plus, there are graduations, often weddings, and — if you’re working — a bonus day off on memorial day.   
i have to say i love . . . celebrating.  i adore giving and getting presents.  i enjoy champagne toasts and parties large and small.  basically, i love making a big deal out of things just for the fun and enjoyment out of it.   life is short.  the number of birthdays we have are finite.  
we should make them count.
let them eat [wedding] cake!  5.27.06
on a [tangentially] related happy note
i enjoyed reading the latest happiness project post on the small treats we give ourselves — as well as the comments.  i guess diving into your own wedding cake is more of a big treat, but celebrating holidays and anniversaries with gusto might be considered a smaller one.  
some treats that come to mind for me:
✰ sitting back and watching my favorite TV shows — now sometimes while someone naps on my chest.  it’s an extra treat if josh is watching with me.
✰ buying and then reading a new book
✰ buying new clothes or shoes [huge treat for me]
✰ a run outside [yes, that’s now elevated to treat status!]
✰ massages and pedicures
✰ new stationery [both buying it + allowing myself to use a new item]
✰ going to dinner parties or out to dinner
✰ frozen yogurt outside on a sunny day, preferably with a friend
it’s a fun thought exercise so feel free to play along — what is your favorite treat?  
up ahead
may goals
the current daily routine
baby essentials [the first month] – what we’ve loved
last night’s dinner: refried bean + veg tostadas – recipe from real simple.  this was nothing fancy and was very minimal to throw together.  [fine, especially minimal for me because my mother did most of it!]
eaten x 2

all right, off to attempt the shred again — if annabel’s nap lasts [although i have my doubts about this one based on the sounds i’ve heard emanating from the bedroom . . .]

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