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May 14, 2012

“your handwriting will never look like that by the end of medical training!”

“too bad you won’t have time to _____ [run, cook, blog] like that when you’re in residency.”

PR marathon – thunder road in december, 2009.  [during residency.]

just you wait . . .”
i came across this mother’s day piece yesterday and was quite touched by it.  entering the medical profession, many people — even doctors themselves — offered words of caution, discouragement, and seasoned jeers from a position of ‘been there, done that — glad i don’t have to do it again.’
it’s true that not every aspect of medical training is sunshine and roses.  however, there is absolutely no reason to be negative,  especially when talking to someone just embarking on a new path as many will be after this graduation season [and in july, when the academic residency year begins!].

and now that i’ve begun this new parenting adventure, it seems that often a similar vibe comes from some veteran parents.  perhaps they miss the fancy-free days pre-children, or maybe they are just tired. maybe it gives them a lift to remind themselves that they are PAST the hard part, or maybe it’s an attempt at comiseration.

but for me, it always comes back to the ultimate truth:  we only get one life.  therefore, we might as well try to make things as good as they can be, and dwelling on the negative only works against this aim.  i have found so many things to appreciate in the first five weeks of parenting, and i hope to continue as annabel grows up — through the obstinate toddler stage, the know-it-all tweenhood, and of course the hormonal adolescence.

i have so many things i want to do with her, teach her, experience with her [and josh, and the rest of my family and friends].  there is so much to look forward to — from her first zoo trip to [hopefully!] getting to hear about her first date.  i realize there will be plenty of tantrums and diaper-splosions along the way, but these things can be dealt with and i hope i will never let them ruin an entire day.

there just aren’t any of them to waste.

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