stuck somewhere in between: fashion 6 weeks out

May 18, 2012

during pregnancy, i fantasized about wearing normal clothes again postpartum.  however, i didn’t count on one thing that probably should have been obvious:

many of my clothes don’t really fit.
i realize this shouldn’t have been a shock.  while i’ve been back at my pre-pregnancy weight for some time, i am nowhere near my pre-preg shape.
in lululemons + one of my most forgiving tees
i went into my closet to see if i could find a dress to wear out to dinner next weekend [we’re going out for our anniversary!!  first date night!], and failed miserably.  interestingly, i’m back in most of my pants/jeans, but it’s my top half that has completely transformed.  suddenly, all of my shirts seem tiny and too clingy, and none of my dresses will zip up around the ribcage/chest.  
i started doing a little online browsing [need to use my 15% anthro birthday month discount!!], but realized i actually had to get out a measuring tape to figure out my current size.  of course, things didn’t really line up with any of them perfectly.  the funny thing is that my hips were always a size bigger than the rest of me — and now things are exactly the opposite.

this doesn’t exactly make me want to shop.  not because i don’t want to dress my current form in something other than jeans/leggings and tees [i do!], but because i am assuming [???] that my body is still in a state of flux.  as hormones shift and muscles tighten, i expect that my size will probably change over the next few months.

so, i’ve resigned myself to a pretty boring wardrobe for the next couple of months [probably for the summer].  i’ll pick up a few fun t-shirts and perhaps some fun shoes/accessories, but leave the dress shopping for the future.  and i’ll be mainly sticking to the sale rack — no point in investment purchases now, really.

finally, i’m definitely not going to throw away my previous wardrobe, but i need to organize my closet so that i’m not looking at unwearable pieces every day.  actually, things are quite empty now because i’ve moved the maternity gear out and haven’t moved much in.  maybe i’ll just embrace the minimalism.  for now.

anyone in a similar situation or have advice from previous rounds of size fluctuations?