thursday fun

May 31, 2012
bebe + poppy
= annabel’s grandparents [dad’s side] are here!  they wasted no time in getting to know little a.  i think this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship judging from her reaction here . . .
we’ve been doing the usual durham grand tour, including a trip to the gardens this morning [in 90 degree heat, no less] and lunch at parker & otis, which is starting to become a frequent hangout for us. 
for whatever reason, annabel has chosen to spend most of today ASLEEP.  i am not sure what this will mean for tonight.  [could be good . . . or very bad.]
just had to share
we received this awesome stool as a gift from josh’s cousins yesterday!!  the custom-cut letters come out and this little stool becomes a puzzle.  i had actually seen something very similar on emily‘s blog very recently and wanted one — what a fantastic surprise in the mail!
tonight – another dinner out with a., this time at a restaurant that is not outdoors and is rather nice and not terribly loud.  will report back . . . 
5.29 + 5.30.2012

5.29 — 4 miles in 38:28!  [a postpartum speed record!]
     1 mi @ 10:00/mi
     2 mi @ 9:05 – 9:20/mi [yep, that’s what i consider tempo currently]
     1 mi @ 10:00/mi
5.30 — 3.5 mi in 35:00
dinner:  MAKE THIS.  this mark bittman recipe was honestly one of my favorite cooking light creations EVER.  it’s fantastic hot or cold, and could easily be made vegetarian [actually, vegan!] with a switch of tofu or tempeh for the sirloin.  i don’t tend to do repeats very often, but i will be making this again.