2 months!

June 7, 2012
2 months and 2 days, to be exact.  and i cannot believe she has gone from this . . .
2 days old — all 6 lbs of her!

to THIS:
[this morning — at 5:30 am.  yeah, definitely a morning person . . . maybe a little too much of one.]
in just 9 weeks!!  any time i have doubts about my milk supply all i have to do is refer to her cheeks.  they are even juicier than they look in this picture
i realize that baby milestone/age update posts are a little silly.  after all, most babies do the same things at approximately the same times — it’s not like detailing annabel’s first [fill-in-the-blank] is exciting news to anyone else other than her doting family.  
still, i can’t help myself, because i want to be able to look back and remember this time.  and damn it, there  must be some parental instinct that makes me PROUD — ridiculously so — of all the completely normal and appropriate things that annabel is doing.  
so, here we are!  2 months!!
what she’s doing:
smiling.  constantly!  she really is one happy baby.  there are of course fussy periods, but honestly they’re pretty few and far between.  i would estimate she cries for less than 10 minutes cumulative per day, if that.
tummy time.  she still enjoys her time on the playmat — for a few minutes, anyway.  the funny thing is that she turned over at a ridiculously young age [like a week] and then did it every couple of days for a while — but now she doesn’t do it anymore!  i’m not sure if it’s harder because she’s bigger now, or if she just isn’t upset enough to flail around like she used to.  
other baby skillz:  she is definitely more interactive and is starting to enjoy toys — especially the rattle in the picture below.  she can’t really grab it herself but will hold on for a little while if i put it in her hand!  

she’s also starting to make some sounds that are like beginner babbles — more ‘a-gooo’s and sometimes a random ‘bahhhh’.  i love hearing her voice so much.  

she loves:

β™₯ eating.  still.  she tends to eat every 2 hours during the day, and rarely sleeps through a mealtime.  we occasionally give her a bottle of pumped milk, but haven’t done this in a couple of weeks.  

at the yarn store.  as i said — note the cheeks πŸ™‚

β™₯ mornings.

β™₯ when i brush her hair.

β™₯ bathtime!  

β™₯ watching mommy do things.  i’m not sure if it’s her personality or just developmental stage, but she is perfectly content to just sit there and watch me make dinner, fold laundry, whatever.  as long as i’m moving and appear to be doing something, she’s entertained.  she’s honestly a pretty laid-back baby in general and it’s not terribly hard to take her places.  thank goodness because i needed to get out of the house this past month!
with her new friend eamonn today!

she dislikes:

✘ daytime naps still.  i’m struggling with this because she’s pretty HAPPY — so maybe i shouldn’t worry about it!?  but today she’s had maybe 2 30-minute naps total, and it’s 4:13 pm.  she did sleep in until 8:30 though, so maybe that’s why?

✘ getting OUT of the bath.  so sad!  it does help when i warm her towel in the dryer first!

vital stats:

her peds appointment isn’t until next week, so again i don’t know her official length/weight . . . but she’s now fully in 0-3 month outfits and fits into some that are labeled 3 months.  i attempted to weigh her at home [holding her] and i think she’s between 10 – 11 lbs.  woah!!

the sleep situation:  every time she seems to get into some kind of pattern and i write about it, something changes.  recently she actually hadn’t been doing so hot in this department — waking every 2-3 hour every night.  however, last night i tried cluster-feeding her in the late afternoon-evening hours and she went a SIX HOUR stretch from 9:30p – 3:30a!  it was glorious.  

i’ve also sort of given up on an early bedtime.  i figure if i am fighting it so hard, it’s probably not what she needs yet.  i start getting her ready at 7:30, but if she’s awake and happy she’ll sit in her rock ‘n’ play and hang out with me until she really seems tired.  last night that didn’t happen until 9, and i’d MUCH rather just go with the flow than try to put her down unsuccessfully for 2 hours every night.  is it ‘right’?  i don’t know.  but i’m starting to not care so much.
really, life is good.  and i think she agrees πŸ™‚