day care take 2 / other baby-related hijinks

June 21, 2012

day 2
after having 2 days to recover from our initial day care [mis]adventures, i took annabel again today.  in fact, she’s there now!  one of the attendings wanted to get one last teaching session in for the outgoing 3rd year fellow, and invited me to come — i’m still technically on leave, but he took us out for sushi afterwards so it’s all good.

it was nice in that it gave me a chance to sort of practice our morning routine, but a. decided to throw me a curve ball and slept from 6 – 9 am.  i couldn’t bear to wake her when i really only needed to be there by 11, so . . . morning routine #1 was sort of a fail [i can’t exactly waltz into work at 10:30am, even though it would be pretty awesome].

this time, i didn’t cry and it was already much easier.  apparently she is refusing to nap, but that’s not terribly surprising — it’s a new environment, and it’s bright and noisy.  i’m hoping that she will eventually adjust, because healthy sleep habits-esque conditions just aren’t going to be happening for her anytime soon during weekdays.  we’ll see what happens . . .

this is happening

pretty soon, she’ll be flipping all the way.
and then walking, and driving, and going to college.  

sometimes i just want to slow down the clock and keep her this little forever.  i really will miss these days!

my laundry buddy

random ridiculousness of the day
i sat down to pump earlier while calling the day care to check in.  during the short conversation, i kept noticing that something was dripping on my leg.  i hadn’t thought to look down to investigate, figuring it was because i had just rinsed off the pump pieces.

except OF COURSE it was actually milk because i forgot to attach the container on the left side.

i almost cried but after realizing i probably only lost a tiny amount started to laugh.  and i’m sure it won’t be the last time . . .