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June 12, 2012

i promise i won’t continue this disjointed list format, but i am once again flooded with a lot of random thoughts that seem at least somewhat worthy of discussion.

1.  just to keep it real, please know that annabel did not repeat her 8 hour performance last night.  she did two 4 hour-plus stretches, though, which i am also completely fine with.  [i just didn’t know how i would deal — or function at work — if she continued to pull the every 2 hour card!].  of note, i’ve been going to bed basically when she does [8:30 pm last night].  yesterday this meant dinner alone and only getting to see josh while half-conscious, but man — i love feeling rested.

2.  i need to go shopping!  specifically, i need

can i get away with a skirt like this in clinic?  not sure . . .

a) tops for work that are not scandalous
b) cardigans/layering pieces because all of mine seem to have gotten lost/ruined
c) one or two comfortable knit dresses to throw on for work.  i’m thinking a wrap style [i can layer a tank underneath if need be] would be perfect.
d) a couple more t-shirts, so i’m not rotating the same 5 all of the time.  i need a nice white one especially that isn’t see-through!

i have plenty of time to hit the mall before i head back to work, but it’s hard to do focused shopping with a. in tow!  i want to hit:  gap [loving their price points + styles lately], banana republic, and loft.  other suggestions?  i love anthro of course, but it’s not my favorite for work basics.

3.  trepidations about fitting everything in [and pumping enough!] aside, i really am starting to feel ready to head back to work.  i’m actually sort of looking forward to the challenge of having to be as efficient with my workday hours as possible.  sometimes lab drove me crazy because i didn’t feel like i had a defined-enough to-do list, and i’d end up tempted to procrastinate — but now i think i’ll be extra-motivated to get things done by the end of any given day.

i hope to have enough time to write about my experiences with hopefully improving work focus + productivity as i discover them 🙂

4.  a week or so late, we have our 2-month peds appointment with vaccines today!!  aghghgh!  even though i know they are important and necessary, it’s going to kill me to watch her get stuck with multiple needles.  i’m not going to premedicate with tylenol [there’s some thought it might reduce vaccine effectiveness, although the jury’s still out], but i have some at home in case she seems fussy or develops a fever.

5.  ridiculous.



workout:  no more trouble zones dvd — [35 minutes of it].  my abs are feeling it today — but i know i need the core work!

dinner:  i have to admit i would have enjoyed this dinner much more WITH josh, but it was fine.  with some planning, a meal like this would work well for a busy weeknight; i could imagine prepping all of the ingredients on a sunday and then just dumping them into a pot 1-2 days later.

chicken and potatoes with lemon-parsley gremolata + baby broccoli

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