this is not a mommy blog

June 22, 2012

but i realize it’s starting to look like one.
this blog is nearing its 8th [!!] birthday, and it has certainly undergone an evolution of sorts.  it started off as a typical med student’s whine-fest, turned into a running/HLB of sorts, and then got a little . . . existential during the TTC days.  there’s always been discussion of work/life balance and finding time for the important things with a busy schedule, and of course plenty of organization eye candy in the form of notebook/planner shots.  there’s been a good amount of food [restaurant reviews + cooking projects — most notably doin’ time with martha].  and i’ve even featured a smattering of fashion, particularly during the time when i was anthro-obsessed, although i certainly don’t consider myself a style blogger by any means.

and now, i realize, there’s a WHOLE lot of baby.

what 6 am looks like at our apartment

while i know it’s probably fun for other new moms to read about annabel’s antics and my day care dilemmas,  i realize that certainly may certainly alienate some of you reading this now [or perhaps you’ve already left, and i’m writing into a black hole].  the thing is . . .

i really am enjoying motherhood.
this new experience is dominating my life right now — as should probably be expected!  still, one of the things this little blog project has always been for me is an outlet.  a place to vent / explore ideas / mull over things, as well as celebrate the fun little moments that make life wonderful.  so, while i have no plans to stop the baby photo barrage [can’t help myself], i don’t really want to become a full-blown mommy blog.  i still want to be a LIFE blog, with focus on living intentionally and appreciating the gift of every new day.

[via emphasis added, via pinterest]
off to houston!
well, tomorrow.  today will be devoted to packing, mentally preparing myself, and perhaps doing a little cramming — i haven’t read a scientific paper in months and i’ll be expected to be at least relatively current in my field when i present my poster on sunday!  ah well, there’s always the plane ride [if i can resist spending it sleeping, that is.]
6.20 – 6.21

dinner:  leftover vegetable lasagna – both days.  and there’s still more left, and it still sounds good.  i think there will be a lot of repetitive eating in my future, so might as well get used to it now.
6.20 – none — i was just totally exhausted and couldn’t even muster up the energy for a 25 minute shred.  ahh well.
6.21 – interval run:  200m @ 8:00/mi, 400m @ 8:06/mi, 600m @ 8:13/mi, 800m @ 8:20/mi, 600m @ 8:13/mi, 400m @ 8:06/mi — and then i think i stopped because it had been 35 minutes.  0.5 mi warmup and 400m of jogging between each, for a total of 3.7 mi in 35 minutes.