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June 11, 2012

this past weekend began with a meltdown [me, not miss a. — don’t ask] and ended up being fantastic.  some highlights:

1.  8! hours!  yeah, annabel crushed her previous sleep PR by 2 hours last night.  i have no idea what did it [fenugreek?  a long run?  a tiny glass of wine i had with dinner?!], but i reaaaally i hope i can recreate this magic.  she slept 8:00 pm to 4:00 am, got up to eat, and passed out until 6.  she’s also napping much better than usual this morning after a prolonged nap strike, so . . . hoping some sort of developmental switch has been flipped.
looking especially well-rested this AM
2.  social life.  we were out on the town this weekend!  nothing wild [obviously], but annabel came out to dinner twice as well as brunch yesterday without any problems.  then, k and dr s [NOW ENGAGED!!!] came over for dinner last night — and basically it was just like it always was pre-baby, except we had a very cute extra guest.  also, this time josh wasn’t the one passing out at 8 pm 🙂  
they brought over this delicious watermelon / basil / goat cheese creation:
and i kept dinner simple:  broiled salmon with a mustard-dill sauce, plus an easy orzo salad with asparagus, tomatoes, and parmesan.
3.  running.  since josh was off, i took full advantage and got in two outdoor runs this weekend.  as they were my first non-treadmill runs in quite some time, i was really pleasantly surprised at my pace!
saturday:  4.12 mi @ 8:51/mi average
sunday:  5.66 mi @ 9:11/mi average
i used the mapmyrun app, so perhaps these aren’t perfectly accurate, but i ran a few of sunday’s miles on a marked trail and it seemed to correlate fairly well [perhaps a 1-2% error].  looking back, i also got in 22 miles last week — and even though it’s something i’ve worried about, i don’t think my milk supply has been adversely affected at all.  because . . .
4. another PR.  i set a pumping record this AM — over 4 oz after annabel’s 4AM feed!  i have to admit that despite multiple attempts at calming myself down on this issue, i’m still really nervous about what’s going to happen when annabel hits day care.  however, this morning’s session was fairly efficient and productive, and it gave me hope!   92 oz in the freezer so far . . .
i think it helped that i was more relaxed — annabel had fallen back asleep, so i wasn’t attempting to soothe her and deal with the pump at the same time.  plus i ate a ton all weekend — and took fenugreek.  whatever it was, i hope this trend also continues.
5.  these.  they aren’t related to this past weekend, but i had to share.  toms strikes again . . .

i think i hear stirring — someone’s up!  i hope your weekends were also filled with good things.

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