June 28, 2012

i didn’t forget anything. 
the loading area this AM.  
also yes: i buy toilet paper online and have it delivered.  i AM that lazy.
i made it to work before 9.
i pumped x 3 at work and with one more session before bedtime will have a zero-sum balance for the day.
i even got to run 2.9 miles in the AM [so close to the planned 3!!  and then i heard crying.  but i’ll take what i can get!]
someone managed THREE naps in her day care crib!
i have to say i enjoy my daily written summary . . .
i was greeted by a happy baby at the end of my work day.  
i think she looks like me [well, my baby pics] in this one!
we had a little bit of playtime at both ends of the day, plus a very happy bath session — and now she’s asleep.
i currently have water boiling for a frozen ravioli dinner on the stove.
i didn’t cry once!
and hey:  i’m writing this post, right now!
i think we can consider today a success.  now just to repeat approximately 250 or so* more times . . . 
* at which point at least the pumping part will be out of the equation!