3 months!

July 8, 2012
and 3 days, to be exact.
it’s such a cliché — i’ve read it on countless other blogs.  but it’s true.  the past 3 months have gone by like lightning, yet i feel like i can hardly remember what it was like B.A. [before annabel, of course].  i can’t believe our tiny newborn is now a full-fledged BABY.  
it seems normal to wake up every day to this:

starting every day with a smile
month 3 was a big one.  so many new developments and changes in lifestyle — all pretty much for the better.  annabel was never a terribly high-maintenance baby, but there were some trying times in those early weeks — crying spells we couldn’t fix, erratic sleep habits, and some rather specific preferences about how she liked to be held and handled.
now she’s more flexible, more portable, more smile-y, more predictable, and more FUN.

she now enjoys her carrier and i’ve taken her to the grocery store a couple of times [i’ll be doing it today!].  

she loves to play on any flat surface.  the world is her gym . . . and our bed is a particular favorite.

she still doesn’t really roll over, but when she gets in the mood to try, she gets close!
and toys are suddenly much more exciting than they were previously.  especially colorful and shiny toys.  and [to my dismay] toys that makes music/sounds.  i will only tolerate a MINIMUM of these though!  toys that play jubilant earworm songs are banned from the premises.
i read bringing up bébé, and apparently a. should be faire ses nuits  [‘doing her nights’] by now.  well — i’m not sure what those french babies are eating, but a. definitely cannot make it through the night yet.  however, she has settled into a very predictable bedtime between 6:30 – 7 pm, and most nights makes it until 1 am or later [MOST.  not all.].  she usually gets up again at 4 or 5 am.  both times she seems legitimately hungry, so i feed her.  
it’s not perfect, but it’s much better than she was previously and i haven’t collapsed from sleep deprivation yet.  plus, the predictability has made it much easier to do things like get out for date night!  last night my sister came over but we actually ended up putting a. to bed before we left — and she slept through the whole thing until 1 am.  
on the way to revolution last night!
she’s also napping better these days [currently 90 minutes into one . . .] so that’s also another bonus.
and we haven’t stopped swaddling, nor have we weaned her from the rock ‘n’ play to the crib.  i’m sure at some point her size will force our hand, but right now i’m just sticking with what works.  she does nap in her crib at day care, so i’m sure we’ll get there eventually.

other developments this month
she now enjoys spending fairly long stretches prone, as long as there’s entertainment.

she started giggling [inspired by her poppy, shown here!]

she seems very interested in other babies/kids and overall is much more interactive:

she loooooooves her bath.  and we had to move out of the sink due to her zealous thrashing.

she survived her first virus [still a little sniffly but sooooo much better.  and no fevers!].

vital stats
weight:  around 12 lbs [unofficial and probably not exact — using our scale!]

clothing size:  some 0-3 still fit [baby gap runs huge!] and she’s in a bunch of 3 month outfits from carter’s.  3-6 are still mostly too big, but she’ll be there soon!

eating:  she now gets bottles of pumped breast milk at day care [usually 12 oz/day] and otherwise breastfeeds at home.  supply has been able to meet demand, but it’s been a challenge at times, so i am trying to come to terms with the idea that if i have to supplement, it won’t be the end of the world.

favorites:  the mirror, being picked up and held on her feet, kisses, being held upright in a seated position

hates:  really almost nothing at this point.  i can’t complain!! ♥

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