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July 13, 2012

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though i thrive on routine and organization, i’ve kept this blog sort of  . . . random.  i’m not planning on starting to serialize things, but sometime it would be nice to have an idea to fall back on when i want to write but can’t decide on a direction.

what do you think?  do ‘series’ posts annoy you, or do you enjoy them?


the week so far: by the numbers
1:  number of wake-ups annabel has had each night.  YEAHHHHH!  NOT counting on her keeping this up forever [i know — 4 month sleep regression, 183rd day sleep regression, full moon sleep regression, yada yada] — but right now i’m just loving it.

4:  weekday workouts i’ve managed to sneak in, always at around 6 am.  2 [short] runs and 2 quickie jillian workouts.  i’m totally happy with this, too.

4.75:  days i worked this week.  today i had clinic and had a slew of afternoon cancellations, so . . . here i am!  home at 3pm with annabel [who is now napping].  this is NOT typical, but i’ll take it.

+8: milk balance [oz pumped – oz consumed in bottles] thus far this week.  hoping to get to +10 by tonight!

1:  [i think] nights josh was home for dinner.  he’s on call this weekend, too, but maybe things will be a little bit better.

5:  weeks until beach weekend in wilmington.  yay!

1:  meal cooked during the week.  we lived off leftovers / easy stuff.  but i do plan on cooking tonight.

0:  plans thus far for the weekend.  [um.  anyone want to hang out?]

??:  minutes left in a’s nap.  i think i might lie down for a bit too . . .

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