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July 5, 2012
thank you notes
[the power of] hormones
high heels
good pens

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i figured i’d start with something positive because the rest of this little update is pretty much a solid whine.

i’m already in survival mode, which is sad because i didn’t expect to fall from grace quite so soon after my initiation into the working mothers’ club*.   i’m not terribly sick, but i’ve definitely got something and not feeling my best, so that doesn’t help . . . nor does the fact that annabel is not sleeping so well herself due to a junky-sounding cough**.  

i’ve given up on working out this week*** [i hate trying to run with a cold anyway] and honestly am eating rather crappily [my ‘appetizer’ tonight was too many chips.  ahh well.].  i’m a little snippy and am frustrated that josh’s work schedule is sucking more than seems humanly possible.****  all i can really think about is getting through the rest of the abbreviated week, which is really not how i like to live.

so, i don’t feel like i’m winning right now.  but tomorrow is a new day, and everything will look rosier when the viral haze has lifted.  i think.  i’m going to try to get a lot of rest tonight.

* it would be fun if there was one but probably everyone would be too busy/tired to ever commit to a meeting, huh?

** don’t worry, she’s breathing okay.  although oddly, i haven’t even been tempted to listen to her lungs. i don’t want to be her pediatrician.  at all.  just her mom.

*** which does not help my mood.  at ALL.

**** august 10th he will be off service and on an easier rotation for 2 months.  I CAN’T WAIT.

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