July 25, 2012

good morning!
a’s been doing better in the morning lately.  yesterday i somehow was able to post AND run in the AM, and still made it to work by 8:45!  but i just heard her cough now, so this may be a very short update.

i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the input on half marathon training while breastfeeding.  i think i’m going to go for it, or at least make an attempt.  if the weekly long runs seem to be causing any ill effects [milk supply / time management woes] then i’ll just table my plans for the spring.  easy enough!

and i’m giving myself permission to stop feeling guilty about running.  it’s so funny — most people probably beat themselves up for not exercising, so i sort of have it backwards.  but i can also see how too much time spent running/training really doesn’t make sense right now.  as always, i’m searching for the right balance.  <– overused word, but it truly describes most of my life currently!

speaking of life,

i was pipetting some noxious substance into little plastic tubes in lab yesterday, the shin’s “it’s only life” reverberating in my ear buds — and i was struck by just HOW HAPPY i am right now.  seriously.  a is just becoming more and more fun, and as it turns out i am really loving the balance [ <– there it is again!] of work/day care.

seriously.  i did enjoy my 12 weeks of maternity leave, but i think i’m actually even more content now.  while i cried when i first dropped a off, since then i have come to appreciate that in our case, day care seems to be good for both of us.  i feel energized and more focused at work, in part because i have a goal of being as productive as possible [between pumping sessions . . .] so that i can make the most of my time at home.  and i feel genuinely excited every time i get to pick a. up, and things like our evening play sessions and bedtime routine just feel that much more special.

i feel like ME again, but with this wonderful new dimension to my life — being a mother to this absolutely wonderful baby girl, and part of a little family.  i never thought that i’d like this phase even MORE than my leave, but right now i think i do.

now to find a JOB for next year so that i can continue on this path!!


recent meals + workouts

josh ended up doing a lot of the planning for this week’s menu, and things ended up  . . . fancier than usual as a result.  still, i made sure he picked things that were easy enough to throw together on weeknights!

monday’s dinner:

made by josh because by some MIRACLE he got home at 7 pm!!


CL’s crispy lamb lettuce wraps — although these were made with bison!

i was a little annoyed that this recipe was not as ‘superfast’ as it was billed, but i did enjoy it.  a good weeknight option perhaps if you did the veg chopping/prep [lettuce, onion, cucumber, garlic, tomato, herbs] on sunday and then just threw it all together and cooked the meat before serving.
monday’s workout — 25 minutes of no more trouble zones dvd [after work and after a’s bedtime, while josh made the scallops above!]

tuesday — 3.5 mi run with 2 mi @ 8:35

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