so. many. smiles.

July 30, 2012
by the numbers [again]
meals out [or takeout] since friday: 5.  ridiculous.
venturing into uncharted culinary waters at czech restaurant klara’s last night!
skeins of yarn at my sister’s store:  seemingly infinite

disclaimer:  my sister would like you all to know that she is actually taller than me, and i am just wearing the highest shoes.  noted.

days until her opening:  3!  [looked very ready to me!]

runs outside:  2, including a speed workout yesterday with 3 x 1 mi intervals.  i got to breeze past some guys [one of whom happened to be our good friend!] and feel pretty awesome about myself, even if it was during the interval portion!

swaddle successes:  0.  a is officially immune to the miracle blanket.

she’s also still up coughing every night, which is very very sad both for her and for me [she’s gone from 1 to 3+ wake-ups].  hoping that whatever is ailing her improves SOON!!

baby smiles:  SO many.

with grandma

watching the olympics with daddy

we didn’t really do anything major this weekend
but what we did was lovely.  off to start a new week . . .

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