never trust a naked baby [$100 visa gift card giveaway!]

August 1, 2012

when the umbilical cord is still attached, you can’t submerge your baby [although really — wonder what would happen if you did?]. and so you’re limited to sponge baths to keep your newborn clean and fresh.

annabel hated sponge baths. as soon as they started, she would cry and shake. even though we kept them as short as possible, there didn’t seem to be a great way to prevent her from getting cold. so we were extremely excited when her umbilical cord finally fell off at the two week mark — it was time for a real baby bath in the sink!

josh and i carefully filled our tub with water, aiming for a perfect 100F. we timed things as optimally as we could [or so we thought] — after a meal, so annabel would be nice and calm. we wanted to introduce her to this lovely pre-bedtime ritual in a positive way, hoping it would become part of a soothing routine.

we got her changed in our bedroom, which is just around the corner from our kitchen where the tub was set up. we took off her clothes. i started to get a little nervous and warned josh that we had to move her fast, because you are never to trust a naked baby. he thought i was being ridiculous — it was a 15 foot walk from changing table to tub.

unfortunately he was wrong, and i was the one who got to carry annabel those 15 feet while she left a trail of urine along the entire path, soaking me in the process. and i feel lucky to say that this incident, at press time, has been our biggest diaper disaster.

* * * * *

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste [more info] inspired the above retelling of this lovely affair. in return, i received a sample of boudreaux’s in a lovely box filled with lovely diapering-related trinkets: a diaper [duh] and wipes, plus a pacifier and toy for annabel — you know, just so she gets something out of the deal. i was to give the boudreaux’s a try and let you know my thoughts, and host a $100 Visa gift card giveaway in the process. [see details for this below!]

it was fun to receive the above cute kit in the mail. but i’ll be honest: i had actually tried Boudreaux’s before i received my sample. and the reason i was happy to host this giveaway/review was that i already knew i was a fan of the product. i am a diaper cream believer — i put some on with every change. when annabel was brand new i didn’t do this, and she started to develop some redness, so ever since i’ve just played it safe and used a barrier cream.

Boudreaux’s is one of my favorites. it is actually more of a lotion than a paste in my opinion, and goes on nice and smoothly. it has a scent that is slightly medicinal, and that i actually really like. most importantly, it cleared up annabel’s first bout with a mild diaper rash. she really hasn’t had anything since, so i suppose i use it more as prophylaxis.

other features that i like are the hygienic tube applicator and the ease at which it wipes off with diaper changes. if i had to complain about anything, it’s that i don’t love the color — it’s a putty/beige shade. it comes out in the wash, but you can leave marks temporarily on clothing. and we all know day care is like a fashion show these days <– totally kidding.

got a diaper rash story? i’m happy to be sharing my experiences and even happier to announce that one of you will get to win a $100 Visa gift card by leaving a comment below.

visit Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on facebook to learn more about the ultimate ìsecret weaponî when it comes to preventing and treating diaper rash.

check out to find other reviews and more ways you can enter to win!

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