wilmington 2012

August 20, 2012
photo montage style.  because it’s sunday night and i still haven’t finished the laundry!  but i want to make sure to document annabel’s first vacation, a weekend to remember.
contented [and sleepy] passenger.  thank god.  
while awake, she entertained herself with her favorite new toy:  her feet.
saturday morning track meet @ UNC wilmington.
[totally random, but it’s a tradition — an alumni run in honor of josh’s HS track team.]
i was all excited to race 5K . . .
but then i messed up the stopwatch app and have NO IDEA how i did.  
i do know that i went out too fast: sub-7 mile to start . . . above 8 to finish.  oops.
[i also know that i want to do a real 5K soon to gange myself!]
josh tearing up the track, just 6 months after his tib/fib fracture.  rod, screws, and all.
a rare family portrait.

pool time!

a. was the CUTEST thing in her little suit, but just sort of tolerated the experience.  
no crying, but the above was as smiley as she got.

 lunch @ tower 7: giant mexican-inspired cobb salad.  and plenty of chips.
fish tacos
[not shown:  afternoon ice cream @ boombalatti’s.  my hunger levels are out of control recently.]
[[also not shown:  saturday afternoon massages for each of us — we took turns — and a pedi for me.  there was the nicest woman at the salon who was making annabel crack up — full body-shaking baby laughter.  i think my pedicure was her favorite part of the trip.]]

josh vineyards wine that we didn’t buy at harris teeter

traditional steamer basket seafood takeout dinner from fish bites [after we put a. to bed].

an improvised shell-cracker.  no WAY was i missing out on the snow crab!!
proof that we actually made it to the beach!
[although not for long, as thunder/rain started rolling in shortly after this pic was taken.]
all in all an amazing weekend, and so much fun!  happy baby = happy family.  our first adventure, and definitely a success.

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