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October 2, 2012
still in CA?!

yeah, i’ve been stalking my erin condren planner.  i’m really needing some new planner mojo NOW!

oh, and a race report
i was going to say that i’d write it later, but realized i was being silly.  there’s not much to write about!  saturday’s 5K was rainy, but a really nice course and the weather was actually sort of refreshing.

i ran with my phone [covered in 2 ziploc bags] and pounded the pavement to girl talk.  i enjoyed it — probably a little too much.  i actually had energy left for a kick at the end, although i came in 2 seconds behind some chick i started ‘racing’ in the last 0.1 mi.  i was pretty happy to see 24:something on the clock as i headed through the finish, but realized i probably could have worked harder during the earlier miles.

still, somehow i lucked out:

we will ignore the fact that this blog is in no way anonymous. 
i just felt weird pasting my full name there!

yep, i won my age group!  we will ignore the fact that i got smoked by a) a 9 year old girl [she came in SECOND in the whole race.  what!?] and b) a 45 year old woman.

i wish i had pictures, but i went alone to the race — josh ended up having to spend all friday night in the hospital, so he and annabel had simultaneous naps while i ran.

in summary:  i forgot how much i like 5Ks and want to do more!  first goal:  sub-24.  and then we’ll see where i can go from there!  i am looking forward to the local half marathon i’m doing in 3 weeks, but i have to admit that the short ‘n’ sweet [and challenging!] 5K can be just as much fun and much lower stress.

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