the holidays are coming [!!!]

October 25, 2012

as i write this, thanksgiving is just under a month away.  much to the dismay of my own parents, we always spend thanksgiving in miami beach with josh’s family. it’s just such a BIG DEAL holiday to them — there’s an enormous gathering hosted by his grandparents, and attendance is pretty much mandatory [if not on call/forced to work, of course — that has sometimes happened to us over the years]. i’m talking 50+ guests and multiple turkeys, and the whole thing is held outdoors — almost always in warm sunshine — with a view of the bay.

it’s definitely a tradition for us. but this year will be very different. an adventure, if you will . . .

things i am wondering about

the flight. oh, the flight! i have to admit that i am nervous about this. annabel is quite an easygoing baby, but she can get antsy if there isn’t enough to do/look at for extended periods. couple that with possible ear pain, and we have a recipe for being THOSE PEOPLE. i will try my best to keep her fed, occupied, and happy — but i’m anticipating a long 2 hours in the air. i’ve heard that having babies drink during takeoff/landing can be helpful for pressure-induced ear pain, but what about the rest of the time!? any tips are welcome.

naps.  i wrote about this briefly in a previous post, but i’m still not sure what our plan will be. should we structure the days so that we can be back at home base for 2 naps daily [she takes 2-3/day now] or just try to go with the flow?

bedtime. ohhh, bedtime. i actually think this will be more difficult. i am fiercely protective of a’s bedtime routine — and early bedtime — at home. she has always been fairly easy to put to bed and i really think the consistency day-in and day-out has been key. but this will mean heading home each night by 6 so that we can finish up with bath/books/feeding/bed.

playmates. i’m more excited than nervous about this part, but this thanksgiving will be a’s first chance to interact with her cousins! she spent some time with them when she was 3 months old, but now that she’s at a different place developmentally, the experience will be completely different. i can’t wait to see what she thinks of these happy, rambunctious kids — giants in comparison to her daycare playmates.

i’m also curious to see if a. is starting to develop any stranger anxiety — or whether she will by the time we leave.

anyone else embarking on a baby travel adventure this holiday season? tips? suggestions? worries of your own? no matter what, it will be a thanksgiving to remember.

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