notes from the time audit: part 1

November 15, 2012

just a series of observations . . .
i will admit it:  i was really really hoping that the audit would uncover a whole bunch of ‘wasted’ hours — or even minutes — so that i could figure out a way to get more rest/relaxation and still do all of the things i want to do.  thus far?

no dice.

since my main finding thus far is that i really don’t seem to have much time,  i’ll keep this short.

 basic observations:

1.  observation of a given phenomenon is going to impact it [the un-quantum version of heisenburg’s famous principle].  in plain english, i may be spending my time a little bit differently because i’m tracking it — just like those who journal their food may eat better — temporarily, at least.  
i am using the atimelogger app to do the time audit, and i like it so far.  more on this later!
knowing that i’m going to have to log ‘internet’ if i start surfing for a few random minutes has helped me to curb the habit.  this has been one unexpected side effect of the audit — one that i am happy with!
2.  i truly do not have much free time.  i seem to have enough to do a workout most nights [something not terribly long] and to either watch a little tv [half hour or less] or blog.  that’s not nothing, but it’s really not that much.
3.  i spend a lot of time:

a) pumping 
b) doing food prep and housework [mostly loading and unloading dishes, plus prepping bags and pump supplies to take to work in the morning]
last night’s dinner and today’s lunch:  chicken puttanesca with millet
good, but worth 49 minutes of prep/cleanup?
c) transporting myself and/or annabel from one place to another

4.  i do not spend much time [to my dismay]:
a) playing with annabel [though i do spend a large chunk in ‘child care’ activities – 2-3 hrs/day]
b) connecting with josh, family or friends
c) reading, studying, or relaxing
luckily ‘child care’ can be fun too
5.  i am getting between 7 – 7.5 hours of sleep per night and it does NOT feel like enough. 
i wish i could say that these results were helpful in generating clear timesaving action steps, but . . . not really.  in fact, i have to admit that i’m a little discouraged.  there really isn’t that much else i want to cut out — i do NOT want to give up the blog or exercising, and i’ve pared down food prep to what i consider to be a pretty reasonable minimum [making only 3-4 ‘real’ dinners/week – on tuesdays, wednesdays, and 1-2x over the weekend].  perhaps continuing the audit to the weekend will be helpful in helping me see that i really do have more of a balance, as those days do tend to be more free and relaxing.  
now, with all this said, i am going to pump and get to bed.  
going for >7.5 [interrupted] hours tonight . . . maybe.
3 pix of annabel showing off
just because

2 teeth!!!! [this AM]
standing with support [at day care last week]
fun with scarf [at day care today]

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