radio silence

November 29, 2012

the short version:
loved seeing family in miami.
i survived my first flight alone with an infant.  
interviewed — x2.  the shoes you all helped me pick were a success.
[hoping they brought me interview luck!]
i cannot believe we are moving to miami in 8 months.
we stuck to annabel’s routine some days, but not every day.
she didn’t sleep very well [more 5am wakeups. . .]*
currently feeling a little behind on life and totally tired.

more later!

* i love annabel so much, and on the whole she is such a wonderful, easygoing, extremely HAPPY baby.  but can i just say i die a little inside every time i hear about others her age — and much younger — going from 7p – 7a routinely?  i think i might — might — be getting ready to sleep train.

morning addendum: !!!!! OF COURSE the night i wrote this annabel SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT for the very first time in her almost-8-month-long life!!  asleep at 7:20pm last night and currently still snoozing.  amazing!! obviously, i’m not expecting this to become a new regular thing but MAN — gives me hope πŸ™‚