weekend in pictures

December 10, 2012
saturday morning
unplanned ergo nap

date night:  surgery holiday party + dinner at bin 54 to celebrate josh’s birthday
[wonderful and luxe]

sunday shopping:  big girl style

brick wall shot
[no, i didn’t cut my hair – it’s just falling in a weird way.  
but i guess this is what it would look like if i did!]


plus 2 bonus pix:

school day care pictures!
fake snowscape and snowball.  so cheesy but i sort of love it!

baby SHU, november 
these shots do not reflect:
✩ the fact that i was on call — though i switched to be off for the evening of our birthday date!  it wasn’t a bad one, but i did have to round in the hospital both days.  i am so thankful that my ‘working weekends’ are definitely NOT all work.  at least most of the time.
✩ josh was basically superdad this weekend.   he was off, and i think he missed annabel and just wanted to soak up as much time with her as possible.  he also did 90% of the housework, including the laundry and grocery shopping.  even though it was his birthday 🙂
other happenings:
✔ family stroller run — yay!
✔ brunch today at rise.   i loved the concept — specialty doughnuts and biscuit sandwiches.  but i actually thought it was just . . . okay.  i’d go for a random sugar craving, but for brunch i prefer guglhupf, parker & otis, elmo’s, watts grocery, rue cler, daisy cakes, vin rouge . . . etc.
✔ planning my first slow cooker meal for tomorrow night – everything is prepped!  if it works out i’ll have you all to thank 🙂

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