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January 26, 2013

1 potentially useful [to other moms, anyway]:  typical amounts of night and day sleep, by age.  i am happy to report that annabel is now approaching the recommended sleep for her age!  not every day [some days in day care are horrendous with one lame-o nap] but often.

1 hilarious:  adult children of mom bloggers support group

[crossing my fingers that annabel will not glare at me 15 years from now and ask how i could POSSIBLY find that funny]

1 to ponder:  gretchen rubin’s latest blog post on abstaining vs. moderating, with a focus on food and eating.  she writes that she finds abstaining much easier than moderating and believes that perhaps even some of us who consider ourselves moderators might benefit from trying the more black-and-white approach.

personally, i disagree at least in part.  for example, i love ice cream but lately have decided that since i’m not breastfeeding i probably need to stop eating it so often.  and so — i’ve been buying it less.  but i would never tell myself i could never have it!  that would just make me obsess and want it more, and i’d be denying myself of what is for me, one of life’s many small pleasures.

of course, one needs to weigh pros and cons.  if i really needed [or wanted] to lose weight, i would be okay with abstaining temporarily if it seemed like moderation was failing.  and if i had a health issue that would make the ice cream a dangerous choice for me, i think i could follow doctor’s orders and give it up.

at the same time, when i read her post i realized there ARE things i abstain from but it’s just so automatic i don’t even think about it.  examples:  store-bought bday cake [not a fan].  soda [regular OR diet].  sugar or cream in my coffee.  sweetened yogurt [other than frozen!].  etc, etc, etc.  and some of my abstention is even based on context!  i will eat french bread at a restaurant, but wouldn’t buy it [or any white bread] to eat at home.

the common denominator, though, is that all of these things are things i don’t really even LIKE very much and are pretty unhealthy.  i guess it’s easy to abstain in those situations.

but i don’t think i’ll ever completely abstain from anything i love.

you know, i didn’t agree with french women don’t get fat immediately after reading it.  but in retrospect, i think there is something to the philosophy Mme. Guiliano provides.

[but i’m still not giving up snacks!]

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