menu planning: january recipes

January 13, 2013

it’s been a rather uneventful saturday around these parts.  josh had to work and i basically hung out with annabel all day and did housework — when she let me, of course.  i managed an 8 mile treadmill run during her PM nap, and really . . .that was about it.

i think i needed a bit of downtime, though.  i hadn’t mentioned it, but earlier this week we [josh + annabel + me] traveled to miami for a 23 hour trip [literally, that was how long we were actually in the fair state of FL].  i went on job interview #2 [cross your fingers for me!], josh spent the day househunting, and annabel got in some quality time with her BeBe*.  we got back after 1 am thanks to a delayed flight, and i think we’re all still catching up on rest.

smile, muffin!  you don’t know it yet, but you’re destined to be a miami girl . . .

SO, with that whirlwind behind me perhaps it makes more sense that i am perfectly content to be at home on a saturday night thumbing through cooking magazines.  or maybe i’m just always that exciting.  anyway, for those of who do sunday menu planning [i do], perhaps this list will provide you with some ideas.

january recipes:  things to make
[mostly for dinner]

buffalo chicken salad, eating well

bean and barley soup, eating well

white bean and escarole soup with chicken sausage, real simple
bison chili with chickpeas and acorn squash, cooking light
roasted cauliflower soup, cooking light
slow-cooker tuscan turkey & white bean chili**, clean eating

pasta with slow-cooker pork ragu**, real simple
browned butter gnocchi with broccoli and nuts, cooking light

pan-seared steak w/ chive-horseradish butter with roasted sweet potatoes and broccolini, cooking light
chicken in wine sauce, cooking light
chicken paprikash, clean eating

seared scallops with bacon, cabbage and apple, cooking light

veg and tofu stir-fry, cooking light
chickpea curry with basmati rice, cooking light

chocolate peanut butter pudding, cooking light
coconut-carrot morning glory muffins, eating well

* her grandmother, josh’s mom.  short for beverly 🙂

** slow cooker recipe

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