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November 10, 2013
1.  toddlerhood.  overnight, annabel seems to have become a toddler.  i mean, she already was one in terms of mobility, verbiage, etc — but behaviorally, she seems to have just recently sailed into more challenging new waters. 
i cannot tell you how incredibly unprepared i feel for this shift.  it has made me realize that parenting is like that — at each stage, parents are learning RIGHT THERE along with their offspring!  
i asked my [supermom] s-i-l for tantrum tips today [thank you r!!] and feel more armed [firm answers with explanations, letting them know what they CAN do instead, etc].  but it’s still hard!  i’m used to basically just keeping annabel happy, and am just now realizing that it’s time to start actually teaching her appropriate behavior.  like waiting 10 minutes for me to make breakfast in the morning without screaming her head off, or learning to play independently for more than 2 minutes at a time.
we’re working on it.  tips welcome.  
2.  current obsession:
HOW DID I NOT HAVE THESE IN MY LIFE BEFORE?  i’m terrible at staying hydrated.  these help.  so far, i like every flavor EXCEPT for coconut [blech!].  no sugar OR fake sugar, no calories, no sodium, just carbonated water and mysterious ‘natural flavor’.  plain water or seltzer would probably be better but at least i will continue to perfuse my kidneys.
3.  this blog makes me happy.  i discovered jenni’s fashion/lifestyle/writing site through one of my favorite anthropologie sites [yes, still look at these even though clothes shopping is a distant dream at this point!] and it just makes me feel cozy and good, like all is right with the world.
4.  i broke down and ordered the colors subscription from field notes.  what could i possibly do with QUARTERLY shipments of 6 diminutive notebooks, you might ask?

i think the better question is what can’t i do.  watch out, world . . .
5.  i kind of want to blog more often.  sometimes i miss the daily discipline of just putting something — anything! — out there.  post topics in my head but not yet written:
– habits [inspired by the announcement of gretchen rubin’s next book project]
– a’s favorites: toys/activities [selfishly, i hope to share and then get some ideas from you all!]
– in search of: FL social life.  because i don’t have one.  [yet.]
– organizing wishlist: projects that i may never get to* but that i wish i could.
– what i learned from ellyn satter’s feeding with love and good sense [and what i still have to figure out]
– new day-in-the-life post
– planner update 🙂 [since official planner season is coming up!]
– status of running/workouts [hint: i have been tired and lazy, at least by my previous standards.]
13 second snippet of joy from yesterday evening:
[excuse the diaper!]
* maybe when annabel and her brother are in college

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