happiness project 2014: intro

December 3, 2013

as you know, i’m a fan of gretchen rubin’s work.  in her original year-long happiness project, she chose 12 happiness-related themes and focused on one each month, setting specific [and actionable] goals which related to each theme.

it may sound a little hokey and . . . 2010, but i want to do an HP for next year.

because 2014 will be a year of growing and learning.
because i am happy, but who doesn’t want to be happier?
because 2014 [for me] promises to be hectic and tiring, but also wonderful and special.
because — why not?

i splurged last week on the happiness journal from kikki-k, which is conveniently structured to help identify and plan out a year’s worth of goals.  

i don’t plan on sharing everything here [some things are private, you know!] but i do want to share progress.  throughout december, i’ll post weekly [mondays] on ideas — how the project is shaping up.  however, i don’t want to plan out the whole year in advance, because i’d rather leave things open-ended to incorporate ideas as they come up.

off to do a little brainstorming.  anyone else have anything exciting planned for 2014?