hello, december!

December 2, 2013
first, some business:
i mentioned a couple of weeks ago [after the recent typhoon] that each month, this little blog’s earnings would be going to a worthy cause.  i plan to make the 1st of each month ‘donation day’ — that way a) i won’t forget, and b) i’ll know how much to give based on the previous month’s earnings. 
this blog is NOT a ‘big blog’ and therefore not all that lucrative, to say the least.  but even so, having a little trickle of extra income during med school, residency, and fellowship was helpful.  now, i feel like it’s my turn to give back!   this month’s worthy cause is heifer international, a large organization whose “mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth.”

sounded like a good plan to me.  so, thanks to you all, a share of goat + a family farm care package have been sent to someone who needs it.

feel free to email or post suggestions for january’s donation.

second, some more business:
i’m toying with trying a more structured/planned approach to posting here for a little while – just to see if i like it.  part of this will include weekly ‘topic’ posts so that i don’t clog the internets with stream-of-conscious blather every single day.  upcoming:

also on the topic of the blog: does anyone know a good designer/computer person who could help with a) a blog facelift and b) migration to wordpress self-hosted [because i think i’m the only one in the world left on blogger . . .]?  i’m in no hurry, but if you have recs, please let me know!

third: weekend business as usual
yesterday, despite a lot of family fun, i was a hormonal [and tired] mess.  the day was saved by an impromptu afternoon nap and a great movie:

today was fantastic.  go figure 🙂

weekend highlights:

annabel’s favorite hanukkah present [from her MIA gparents, bebe/poppy]
a big-girl sleeping bag so she can be just like her cousins!
this pic does not even capture how thrilled she was with this gift!

mama shades + baby shades
pool time

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