HP: 1 week left!

December 24, 2013

as i wrap up plans for my 2014 happiness project, i have come up with:

1.  a basic structure:  similar to gretchen rubin, i am picking a loose monthly focus with several specific goals related to that focus.  some [or many] of these areas are probably similar to hers, but i swear i didn’t cheat and directly copy anything.

2.  a basic benjamin-franklinesque tracking system:  one that i will not unveil yet because it seems a) like it has the potential to get cluttered quickly and b) i’m not sure if i’ll be able to stick to it!

i am also planning on HP-themed posts weekly to share my experiences.  but if this starts to feel tedious i will spread them out.

3.  january’s set of specific goals.  i decided not to come up with a years’-worth, because who knows what i’ll be thinking/feeling with all of the impending excitement of 2014?  i will post these next week!


in other news . . .it’s almost christmas!  we don’t celebrate the holiday, but it’s a still a cozy time in my memory with great music and lots of family fun.  here in miami beach i’m not sure what to expect – the population is quite jewish so the open restaurants are probably more crowded, not less!  merry christmas to everyone celebrating.

off to amuse myself for the rest of a’s nap.  if you are in need of a smile, these 13 seconds made me very happy.  [in the background: annabel’s aunt + uncle, who spent time with her sunday while josh and i went to a coworker’s baptism].   ignore her less-than-perfect table manners.  still under development 🙂

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