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January 3, 2014
last month reader sara commented:  

“I am a huge proponent of I’ve made many donations over the years and, as a teacher in an urban school that serves mostly low income students, I have had about ten projects funded. Most of my proposals have been for technology (Discmen (years ago!), Kindle Fire, LCD projector…) or books. But most recently, when I received very few donations of classroom supplies from parents in September, I posted a smaller proposal for things like tissues, healthy snacks and pencils and I almost cried when it got funded (by strangers) in a week and then a HUGE box arrived from Amazon. I could go on about my love of this site and how I don’t think I could do my job effectively without it but hopefully you get the idea. 🙂 If you’ve never used it before, you’ll have fun choosing a project to fund… and perhaps you’ll inspire some of your readers to join you in funding the same proposal?”

i checked it out and really liked the concept.  and so, the destination for january’s funds was set.  but even better, i noticed [from the footer of one of her emails] that our amazing babysitter r — who works incredibly hard teaching 9th grade at an underfunded miami school — has a donorschoose page of her own!

she does not have a current project page set up, but has promised me she has one in the works.  her previous projects have included:
— PLANNERS for her students [yes, this is a coincidence, as you all know i am a planner fiend.  it made me so happy!]
— back to school supplies [including a beanbag chair for reading and composition books for 165 students]
— classroom library, from the bluest eye to to kill a mockingbird.  
i will be excited to see what she comes up with for the new year.
anyway, so $80 [november’s $ from your lovely clicks, if anyone’s curious — there’s a bit of a delay before each month’s check comes in] will go to r‘s next classroom project.  and if anyone else wants to jump in with any amount [even $1], i’m sure she and her students would be very excited and grateful.

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