39 6/7

February 19, 2014

my official due date starts in a mere 12 hours.  i will spare you all a bump pic, though i will try to take one tomorrow.  i appreciate those of you who have left sweet messages on my last post, hoping that my silence indicated a baby.

the truth is it just indicates that i have very little to say other than NOPE, NO BABY YET.  and it feels silly to keep logging on just to write that out.

still, this week has actually been quite a nice one.  i started my official leave this monday.  initially, i felt sort of guilty about ‘wasting’ days pre-baby, but i’m starting to settle in since it’s really not under my control.  my leave needed an end [ie, return-to-work] date, as i have full patient days scheduled right as i return, so the practical thing was to set a start date.  and doing so at 39 4/7 [monday] seemed reasonable, even though at this juncture it feels a little indulgent.

actually, more than a little. our nanny is still working, and a’s routine has remained more or less the same, with added mommy time on either side of the day [i have been sending g. home when she goes down for her PM nap].  i am not cooking, nor cleaning, nor doing household chores.  today, i’m getting a pedicure.  and yes, i sort of hate myself for this, too.

what i have been doing:
reading.  i finished all of all joy and no fun, which i found absolutely fascinating.

✩ running.  well, walk/running.  after a 5 week hiatus i decided to start up again in hopes of inducing labor.  worth a shot, right??

spending way too much time on facebook.  le sigh.  

enjoying more time with miss a.  she now says  ‘come out baby boy!!’ every morning, even though i’m pretty sure it’s all abstract in her mind.  however, she is definitely ready for big sister status.

practicing on her dollies

napping.  because i am not sleeping well at night.  not sure if this is a vicious cycle, but i think the late-night insomnia is just a pregnancy thing.  gearing up for middle-of-the-night feedings and all that. last night, i even thought i was getting some contractions but they had completely stopped by morning so oh well.

obsessing over baby.  because OF COURSE.  we are totally ready, too — the only things i don’t have are my pump [it’s getting shipped after delivery and amazingly the symphony i’m renting is entirely COVERED by insurance for a year — something i would never have known had i not called to ask!] and a packed hospital bag.  because getting the latter ready seems like it might seal my fate to be induced at over 41 weeks.

by the way:
the container store closet design experience went really well, and the elfa installation people were awesome.  it was fairly cost effective [compared to, say, california closets] and i think we may just use elfa to do our bedroom closet as well.   

not in final configuration but you get the idea.  
love the mesh drawers the you can see through, but still look organized.

and finally:

o. m. g . . . oops!
[ps: the sound isn’t working for me on my computer – is it for you?]

[and yes we turned the car seat around.  she’ll be 2 in 6 weeks and is 30+ lbs, so this seemed reasonable.  and so far, she loooooves it.]

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