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April 7, 2014
22 facts about Annabel at 2 years old

1.  She can talk.  As in, we’ll have a conversation, she speaks in complete sentences, and she’s able to tell me things I didn’t already know.  She is easily understandable, at least to me.  I love it, and her ability to communicate exactly what she wants and needs has made life much easier and more fun over the past few months.
2.  She is still a great eater.  She usually eats 3 meals a day and usually 1 snack (at school).   She’s not as voracious as she once was but is still very good about sitting to eat at meals and taking a good variety of foods.
3.  Favorite foods: hummus, peanut butter, cream cheese, “sauce”, meat, fish, curry.  She likes spice and flavor.   Oh, and bananas.  Eggs.  Pizza.  Rice.  Beans and chick peas.  Obviously cupcakes and cookies, though these are not things she has commonly.  Okay, she likes a lot of things.
4.  Favorite snacks: “raisins and bunnies” (Annie’s chedddar bunnies), or “apples in a bag”.  Only in a bag, okay?  Otherwise forget it.
5.  Food dislikes:  Bread.  Pasta.  (I know, this is weird.)
6.  Vital stats:  as of today, she is 34.5″ tall and weighs 31.75 lbs.  This is 74% height, 94% weight.  Her growth curve has actually stabilized over the past few months.  In my professional opinion, she is perfect.
7.  Favorite playground activities:  the slide, the other kids (either saying hi or eyeing them suspiciously).  At school, she is all about the sandbox.
8.  Water play: Annabel loves the bath (never wants to get out), swim class, and blowing bubbles.
9.  She definitely knows “mine” and has not embraced the art of sharing just yet.  I’ve never seen her run faster than when another kid was using her toy stroller at the park one day.  Girl can SPRINT when she’s in the mood!
10.  Knows:  colors, numbers up to the teens, the letters A, L, and X.  She can tell you that she is 2 years old, that we live in Miami Beach, and that G. (her nanny) is from Guyana and that her cousins live in New York.  
11.  She memorizes the words to many of her books.  She can recite some of them even without looking at the pictures.  
12.  Watches:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her favorite), Sesame Street (occasionally, though gets bored), and Dora (very occasionally). 
13.  Asks: to watch Little Mermaid songs on my phone.  I usually use this as a bribe reward tactic.
14.  Medical situation:  she has psoriasis.  This was recently diagnosed (by biopsy) and we now have an entire shelf devoted to various prescription creams/gels.  Her dermatologist is hopeful that it may improve with age.  I am more skeptical (and of course worried about steroid exposure . . .) but happy that the treatments seem to help.  
15.  Favorite books:  so many.  Several Dr. Seuss books, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, Bread and Jam for Frances, Ralph Tells a Story, and Babar the Elephant are some recent faves.  Also still enjoys lift-the-flap books and the “That’s not my . . .” series.
16.  Favorite crafts:  play-doh (though we temporarily are taking a play-doh break because she was eating it specifically to test our limits!) and stickers.  LOOOVES stickers.
17.  Sings:  happy birthday, “I’m a little teapot”, a made-up song about daddy being at work (we sing this frequently :), ABCs, twinkle twinkle little star, and parts of “part of your world” (little mermaid)
18.  Wears:  Size 5-6 shoes and size 2-3T clothing.  If it is fitted or runs small — definitely 3T!
19.  Sleeps: 7:30p – 6:45a, or thereabouts.  Plus a daily ~2hr nap starting at around 1:30.
20.  Best friends:  her baby brother 🙂 (or at least I’d like to think!) — she is so sweet with him so far.  Her cousins and several school friends.  She is more socially integrated in Miami Beach than I am at this point.  
21.  Favorite toys:  her new dollhouse, pretend food, pretend baby stroller, “princess” necklace/bag/etc, various dolls and stuffed animals (“soft dolly”, “nudie dolly”, bunny, duke bear, etc 🙂 ).  Tolerates blocks, but isn’t as into them as I had hoped. 
22.  Often wakes up crying from naps but most of the time she comes around to a beaming smile and the triumphant declaration: “I WOKE UP!”
SO MUCH MORE but I think 22 is enough.  Here’s to TWO!


  • Reply oldmdgirl March 10, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    She is so verbal, and really quite an amazing little girl! I’m totally going to steal some of your book suggestions.

    You might find she likes magnet tiles better than blocks. They stick together and you can build things that way. Dyls has no patience for blocks AT ALL, but seems to enjoy the magnet tiles.

    Have you tried watercolor with her yet? That was something I was really surprised to see that Dylan liked. She was much better with the brush than I expected. We also like oil pastels.

    Oh, and finally, we have been watching movies on Netflix lately. Favorites: The Rescuers, Robin Hood, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, The Aristocats. We watch about 30 min before bath/bed because that is the only time she sits still long enough for a snuggle.

  • Reply Monica March 10, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    So adorable. I loved this age.

  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    Little known fact: all food is better when served in a Zip-loc bag. Don’t argue with the magic.

  • Reply Linda March 10, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    Both my kids have eczema and our dermatologist recommended a great cream called Vanicream. We get it at Walgreens or Target. It is completely free of all parabens, formaldehydes, etc. You may want to check it out for daily use. I hope she outgrows it.

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